Hi. I just wanted to say I have spent all day in the dvt day unit because my pick line was a little painful. Naughty pick line (smack smack). Anyway this was yesterday I was in McMillan unit and the doctor organised for me to get ultrasound after d-dimer bloods came back a little raised. 

Today I was fed , watered , fed again and poked and prodded ?. ECG done and more bloods taken and finally, ultra sound done which showed a possible clot. So now on tinzaparine for a week and a rescan next week. The doctors and nurses on the dvt ward were so kind and they look after you so well. I met some lovely people who  we’re also waiting for scans etc etc and the time flew. 

Im slowly making a journey around the whole hospital meeting many wonderful amazing brave patients and in awe of how hard these nurses and doctors work. 

I’m hoping they can save my pick line it if not I think it will be changed to a groshong line ? 

I hope everyone has an amazing bank holiday weekend. Xxx 



Hi Kala

hope all is well with you and that you have a line that works!