Dying to dye my new hair!

I have seen references on this site before about dying your hair once it starts growing in after chemo, but now I can’t find them!

I don’t mind my very short hair at all, it looks quite funky and everyone tells me that I look years younger.

But is it so grey!!

I finished chemo in June. How long should I wait to colour my hair?

Thanks, Jacqui x

Hi Jacqui37

The general opinion is to wait for 6 months before using anything like peroxide. There are some natural hairdyes around tho. I came back grey and had mine tinted blonde after 4-5 months. Its six months post chemo now so I had it bleached at the weekend.

Julia xx

Finished Chemo 8th July, had a Naturtint from Holland&Barrett put in 2 weeks ago, did a strand test first, hairdresser said colour took ok and did it all! Felt so much better for having brunette fluff rather than grey! I would only go for organic/natural tints though.


I finished chemo on 5th May and have about 2-3cm hair but it came back completely grey. I have also used Holland and Barratt Naturtint, my hairdresser put it on for me and it was fine, took well and good coverage. Has faded quite quickly so may wash it less often. Saying that I used to have my hair coloured every 4 weeks before I lost it all so not much different. Will probably stick with this one for a while. Daniel Field also do an organic one, online with lots of colour options.
Go for it, it has made a huge difference to my confidence!

Tessa x

Hmmm… just rang a salon that was listed in the “my new hair” site (Trevor Sorbie chemo hair, wigs etc) thinking they would at least be up to date with all things post chemo hair. I’m so keen to have ANY colour hair as long as it’s not grey, only to be told they wouldn’t even see me until I had written permission from my consultant saying it was safe for them to style/colour my hair!! They were aware that I’d finished chemo in January, so it’s not like I’m rushing things.

Bit drastic isn’t it??

Has anyone had a dreadful experience with hair dye post chemo, I’d hate for my hair to fall out again :open_mouth:

Hi - my hairdresser researched for me and used Essensity from Schwarzcopf (sp?) after 4 months post chemo. I tried Naturtint a bit earlier and ended up pink! I didn’t feel any tingling with the dye and my hair is still soft and growing well.

Hi I couldn’t wait to have my hair dyed after chemo so waited about 4 months instead of going blonde it went orange :frowning:
I was told it was due to all the chemicals in it. I wished I had waited and stuck with my natural hair colour. Be proud xxx

I used naturetint after about 3 months - colour was a bit orangey, but ok. Has faded though, so will need to redo soon.

I dyed my hair yesterday - at the hairdressers, but only a semi-permanent

I’m 4 months post chemo, hair is very short but has come back really thick and healthy.

No problems at all, hair is a fab reddy brown and all the grey has gone.

Hi Jacqui
I used the cold cap so had lots of hair during chemo. I used the naturetint while having my treatment and it was ok. Colour didn’t last long though. As soon as I finished my treatment (March 10) I had my hair dyed and have had it done every 6 weeks since. My hair has not dropped out neither did I have any skin reactions. My hair is now blonde it was purple pre chemo so I have had a major change. I have some fluffy bits were I lost quite a bit of hair but it looks remarkably good considering. I think sometimes you have to go with what makes you feel better not what other people think you should do.
Hope this helps.

i finished chemo end march, rads mid may. then got so fed up with the grey hair that i had that i put a semi perm colour on in august and it went ginger! so i got a dark brown perm colour and put it on top of what i had and it was fine, my hair still feels baby soft and i shall carry on colouring at home lol


I finished chemo in November last year and rads in April. Had lots of grey hair when it grew back. Was so depressed that i dyed my hair in june with a permanent colour. I have brown hair and dyed it reddish colour. Had no problems and colour took very well.

Good Luck
L x

Things like naturtint and herbatint and others have less chemicals but they still contain PPD’s. Here is a link giving details about naturtint which might be helpful:

Personally I’ve decided to avoid these, at least for now. I have dark hair with some grey and I use henna from Lush. It is a real faff as I’ve found it’s best left on for about 4 hours to get really good colour that lasts. It does though make my hair very shiny and the colour is great. You can blend different ones like red or brown to get the right shade. I first used it about 3 - 4 months after my last chemo. It gradually fades out rather than leaving any line.


Thank you all for your advice. I think maybe I should wait a little bit longer before colouring my hair, but will take all this advice on board.
Lol, did you get my e-mail?

I used the herbatint from holland and barrett 4 weeks after my last chemo and it was fine. I did a skin and strand test first and absolutely no problems. Im 7 months now since last chemo but am so happy with the herbatint colour, I think I might stick to it instead of using harsher chemical ones now!
good luck!