dying your hair

can anybody tell me how do they manage with dying your hair, i am on taxol and herceptin, i have not lost any hair so farm but gret is coming through dont really want to wear wigs anymore.

Hi Lollypop59

I’m on herceptin, have been for 3 years and have been on vinerolbine since January. I’m like you - hate the grey - have been dying my hair plum herba essence semi permenant for all the time on herceptin, hair still good on vinerolbine,was told that it isn’t recommended to dye hair on chemo as it can break, Mine has dried out a bit but I use Aussie leave in conditioner everyday. I still use the dye although I comb it through and don’t leave it on too long. All ok so far, infact had it cut on Saturday and hairdresser says it’s in good nick. Also use rosemary shampoo a couple of times a week as it’s good for follicule growth. I wash it every day so other days I use good old Lidl Cein shampoo and conditioner and then another conditoner and rinse out, towel dry spray on the Aussie stuff and blow dry. Hope this helps,

Mandy x

thanks fudgeincornwall,
they do say not to dye while having chemo well i am having taxol and herceptin the chemo is ongoing becoz of secondreys and theres no way i am having grey anymore, thanks for replying .

Hi Lollypop59

Glad to be of help. I’m the same as you ongoing chemo although I’ve had a few breaks. SEs made me feel low and didn’t realise how bad until I had a few weeks chemo free. I think you have to speak up and say your bit after all it’s your body and as one onc told me you know it better than anyone else. Same goes for hair especially if it makes you feel good and therefore gives you a better overall positive attitude. Did I see you are a IBC lady like me?


The best thing to do is ask your breast care nurse. I did and she told me just to do a patch test on my skin and a strand test on my hair and if these were both ok then it would be fine. Your BCN knows you and your medical history etc and will be able to give you the best information for you personally.