E. London Newbie receiving treatment at Royal Marsden,London

Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected under these circumstances. I was recently dx with early stage IDC and I’m due to undergo a lumpectomy next week at the Royal Marsden, London. I’m 36 years old and would love to meet others in a similar situation. I’ve been feeling increasingly isolated, as the only person I have been able to confide in so far, is my mother. Had put off having kids as I had been busily pursuing my career and now I fear that this may not be an option for me. Anyway, it would be nice to meet others as I embark on this life changing journey, not only to receive support but also to give support and friendship.

Love, Ceecee x

I live in E. London but I’m at a different stage in my treatment that you as I’m nearing the end. I had mx, chemo and now having 5 weeks of rads. If you want to talk send me a PM.
The support I have received from other women going through the same experience on this site has been invaluable.
Good luck with your operation.

Hi Ceecee
So sorry you had to join us. I too am under the Marsden, but the Sutton branch. I had grade 3 cancer with one lymph node involved. I have now completed treatment. I was trying to get pregnant when diagnosed and I’m now in menopause, so I can understand what you’re going thru as regards babies. However, I am a bit older than you, 43, so my chances of getting pregnant were quite slim.

Julia xx

Thanks guys, appreciate you taking the time to write back. I’m horrible at typing, I sit here like a woodpecker, typing with one finger, so forgive me if I take a while to get back!

Cat107, I have sent you a pm x

Rancidtart, love your username, it’s hilarious! Sorry to hear that your dx interfered with you having children. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that biological kids may not me an option for me. It really sucks, as before my dx I had decided ,at last ,to settle down and start a family, never suspecting for one second what lay around the corner. Gives me chills when I think how much my life and plans for the future have changed. I’m coping as best as I can though, keeping a sense of humour and living in the moment and not letting my mind wander too much. Now you have completed treatment I hope things seem brighter or will do in the coming weeks, months, years.


hi im valimouse and was diagnosed with D.C.I.S last week can you tell me what type yours is,is it similar to mine i have to have the lower part of my breast removed and a lymph node,i am a gg cup and am soooo scared what im going to look like after

Hi Valimouse

So sorry you had to join us. My tumour was a bit different to yours. It was invasive ductal carcinoma. It was a discreet mass so I managed to get away with a lumpectomy. There’s a lot of ladies on here who have had similar surgery to yours and will be able to advise on how it looks and what can be done.

Julia xx