ears & eyes

Has anybody else suffered with Tinnitus and/or blocked ears after having taxotere?

Or discolouration to their teeth?

Hi Sue
I’ve had very mild blocked ears (and very runny eyes), but teeth are fine.

Are you using a strong mouthwash to deal with mouth ulcers? The one I have says not to drink anything like tea/coffeee/wine within an hour after using, and I think this is cos they can cause discolouration. It also says to use after brushing, and not before.

Flora x

Hi Sue

My tinnitus definately got worse whilst on tax as did my hearing. Thankfully it has gradually improved after treatment stopped.

Didn’t notice teeth discolouring but can recommend sucking frozen fresh pineaple chunks for freshing up mouth and preventing ulcers.

Anne xx

Hi Sue,

Yes, I get tinnitus (have had 5 Taxotere so far) with each session - starts on day 1 and is usually finished by day 5 - I notice it mainly at night.
No problems with my teeth … yet!