East Enders

I have just watched East Enders in which “Tanya” played brilliantly by Jo Joyner has cervical cancer and is refusing treatment. At one point she said “and after all that treatment there can still be a pocket of it hiding in a corner which comes back”. I cant believe how after 3 years after my initial operations and considering myself totally ok,apart from a bit of lymphodaemia this programme has really got to me.Even though its a different cancer.

What has made me really angry is that East Enders did not put their usual Helpline numbers up at the end of the programme, though there are some on their web site.
Now am wondering what other latent fears am I unaware of? Does this ring a bell with anyone else

I cried as did my daughter upstairs , she posted on facebook how sad it was , thats how i know.
It hits hard and brings it to the surface doesnt it, ive not even finished my treatment…think it will be off my viewing list for a while.


i think i am going to stop watching eastenders…its left me feeling very flat to…left me wondering if there is a little pocket hiding and waiting…sarah

I dont watch it but know all the story line as everyone is talking about it and all the daytime tv shows keep showing clips

My mum is hooked on it and was here this evening and was adamant she wanted to watch it - i refused - dont care that it upset her as she forgot to set her sky +. TUFF!- she just didnt think of the effect it may have on me.

It was like last week, Im paranoid about mets as it is and bloody schmichael the damn dog in corrie gets liver cancer - is something trying to send me a message or what!!!

I feel like going to live the the woods with no connection to the media. It doesnt make for a stable mind.


Just thought I’d chip in with how I’m dealing with the knowledge of it returning on the off chance that it may help someone.

This is what I think/tell myself:

Yes there’s a chance it could come back - but no amount of worrying or thinking about it will change that. If it’s going to happen it will. Now, this fact could spiral me into a panic but I don’t let it; I don’t let it because the wretched condition has already had a year of my life and I’m blowed if I’m going to give it a moment more than I need to.

Say it returns in the next year. I’ll have spent those last, precious months of health playing hostage to It. What a waste of that time! Equally it might never come back or not do for 20 years. I would be SO annoyed with myself for wasting all of those years.

The other thing is that being as we are actually in the system we are in a better position than the 1000s that are walking around with cancer but just don’t know it yet. And that’s the other thing - our cancers would have been there for ages before it was noticed. I know mine came to my wedding and also enjoyed a couple of holidays! I HAD cancer but didn’t know it and was having a very nice time. Right now I KNOW I haven’t got it. Unless I strait getting symptoms I haven’t got it until November 20th 2012 at 10.20 (my next check up) and so for the next 12 months I’m flying my kite, skipping thru the daisies, eating, drinking and bring generally very merry.

Life is short - mine might be shorter than was expected (or might not) and so I’m filling my boots!


SCACO - excellent post! I share your views on life. We need to remember to enjoy NOW because that is why it is called the present.

scaca- Exactly - I will adopt that from today !!! xxxx

Well said SCACO - spot on as always! Life is too short to spend it worrying about what might(or might not)happen - I saw my mother-in-law take to her armchair at 60, having given up on the future because she was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis. She was 86 when she died, having spent the past 26 years saying she might as well be dead, and her life was over.
We need to make the most of what we have and get on with it I think!

SCACO that is one of the best posts I have ever read. Like so many of us I am terrified of it returning but what you say about wasting time is so true.

Thank you so much for posting this, I will try and remember your wise words whenever my brain starts with the “what ifs”.

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I did wobble a bit with that comment i must admit…i just thought S**T! it sounded so possible, didnt it?

SCACO - totally agree and an inspirational post. As with most of us I think we all worry at some point that the cancer will come back. I was told that I could have had my cancer up to a year before diagnosis - that shocked me more than anything.

My philosphy is that I have enough issues to get through on a day to day basis rather than worry about what is going to happen tomorrow.


SCACO - Brilliant xxx


I also felt distressed at hearing that if only for a few moments and im a high risk of recurrence.
Folks you can do something about it. I complained its a simple procedure do it here.


Hi hatty just done my complaint xxjosie1

Hi All

From someone who found out almost 2 years ago that after 3 years my cancer had found a wee pocket in my lungs, I was actually pleased to hear Tanya say what she did. I got sick and tired of people during my first 3 years thinking that now I had the chemo rads etc that everything was back to normal when in actual fact I had the added worry of the cancer returning. Thousands of us live with that fear and unfortunately for some of us it comes true.

I say to Eastenders, well done for showing the reality and highlighting the fact that cancer can return.

There is a reason why there is a ‘Secondaries’ section on this forum.

I pray that none of you find yourself in the same position as me.

Carolyn xx


I have a hospital appointment next week and fingers crossed I am hoping to be discharged as I’m at the end of my 5 years. I haven’t watched Coronation Street since the Sally storyline. For me the fact they put it out on Christmas Day was just a bit too much. I don’t usually have problems with portrayals of cancer in films etc., but I can’t watch documentaries about children or teenagers having cancer. I also had a very unhelpful person tell me I should go and see “The Bucket List” round about the time I’d just finished chemo!

I have just submitted my complaint to the BBC for insensitive communication re Tanya’s storyline.

Not to mention the impending storyline where Pat dies on Xmas Day!
from C. Oh what joy to have with our small portion of dinner!

I have done the same, Daysie.

I said my complaint was that, as it was a frightening story, there should have been a helpline offered at the end.

Thanks for the warning about Pat. I will NOT be watching!

Hi ladies

Having just had Mx to cut out my tumour and waiting to start chemo, I think the storyline is totally insensitive to real people suffering from cancer. My mind can run away on it’s own without Eastenders to promp it thank you v much!!!


I don’t watch anything to do with cancer, I was lucky as mine was found by accident but depressing myself by watching this rubbish is a total waste of whatever time I may have left. The phrase LIFE IS TOO SHORT has taken on a whole new meaning to me since dx and every day is lived to the full now. If I am unfortunate enough to have a recurrence I will fight the b****r just as I am doing now!!!

I have an aunt who’s had BC twice and is still going strong.

best wishes M