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Amen to that SCACO.

scaco im struggling to over come the fears, im making myself ill worrying ive just beed prescribed antidepressants, bad thoughts are always in my head, i fear every ache or pain is the dreaded thing coming back for another go at me … i just wish i could take my brain out and wash all the crap out of it … i so hope i can one day feel as you do… your words are an inspiration just switched the telly on and guess what tania bloody branning … cant watch it … it so touches a nerve

I finished active treatment yesterday, and walked straight into treatment for the side effects. A real emotional day, and then a character implying that I may have wasted the last 8 months.
What a crock of sh,t.

Hi I agree with missy64 I was also glad that it was mentioned that the cancer may come back. I am very aware of this I get so fed up with people thinking that now my treatment is finished everything is fine pink and fluffy and that i should just pull my self together. Many a time i have felt like having a melt down or waited in fear for results. So I was glad to hear Tanyia voice my fears on Eastenders.


I also agree - it shows a raw and emotional response to a cancer diagnosis. So often on TV characters bravely accept their cancer diagnosis which belittles how scared you can feel.

Storylines are always going to cover topics that will upset people going through it - cancer, other illnesses, divorce, affairs, suicide, murder, bankruptcy, losing a child or partner etc etc. Every soap will cover some storyline that will touch a nerve and be too close to comfort for some people…

I also agree. We moan when cancer is potrayed as a walk in the park. A bit of realism makes a refreshing change.However I am sure the story will be developed in a more positive light with Tanya accepting her treatment and making a full recovery. For some of us however that is a fairy story.

Why cant soaps present a person traumatised by cancer ( her fathers) and her feelings towards the disease ?? It is how people feel and react. If people can get shown as victims of rape and abuse, why cant people with advanced cancer be represented ?

As you say a helpline would have been advisable. Nobody wants to shock or traumatise without support or back up.

I personally think the potrayal is a realistic representation and exceptionally well acted and researched!

Julie x

SCACO - just another to add to the list - me - i think what u wrote was totally real and i thank you for that - i have been watching Eastenders, i agree there should be helpline “if you have been affected by tonights” etc… but ALL Ican say re Tanya is the way when she was first diagnosed i DO relate to her, the carry on as normal, its just a thing needed to be done, have the treatment, dont tell everyone, dont treat me differntly- i was like that, it was a shock but i blocked it out - though i know what u mean re the “pocket” of it may be there, but as my friend said to me, seeing me sick with chemo, she said there is no way anything bad could grow inside me as it was killing off my insides took my hair etc etc, only thing it didnt kill was me, my postive attiude, my spirit, even the staff at the hosptial told me what an inspiration i am and that is just as powerful to me as the chemo i took in my veins. Hope, and spirit, definetely!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

I agree that the portrayal of the very real fear of cancer coming back was a good thing. As upsetting as it is to watch if it makes a few people realise the mental trauma side of this disease as well as all the horrid treatment it is worthwhile. I have read on this forum so many times how it is annoying and upsetting when people assume u just have the treatment and u r cured but in reality those fears of it coming back are unfortunately realised. I hope this wont be my reality as we all do but know it is a real possibility.

There should have been some helpline numbers I agree but to dont agree with complaining about the programme, tv will always show upsetting things but we can turn over! I got upset when they showed how tanyas chemo buddy dies and someone said to me its just a soap, yes it is but these aree real issues and possibilities. Perhaps this will open peoples eyes a bit and stop them filling up the ‘well meaning but annoying things people say’ thread

Apologies if this upsets or offends anyone, not my intention, just my opinion x

Fair enough, Clare37, it may be good to educate people on how hellish a cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatment can be, BUT the down-side is that for a person (like myself) who has finished treatment and is trying to get their life back to normal - do they REALLY want their friends and family harping on about it and reminding them about it all the time? Personally I want them to treat me the same way as they did before I was ill so I can put it behind me.

Im staggered that some of you think Tanya story line is touching realism. How, she gets diagnosed one day has an operational procedure and isnt even in a day has chemo and rads straight after and targeted her head for cervical cancer. This is what annoyed me its not a real portrayal of what its really like no way.
How many can say that they have had the whole procedure like that i certainly cant. Makes it seem a doddle when you look at it like that.

Don’t watch soaps so only commenting on the comments here.
I was diagnosed stage 4 from the beginning, in 2003.
I do skip, live life well, I’m feeling very ‘uncancery’ at the moment. Many stage 4 women really live life to the full for as long as they can, for as long as they are able.
I’ve met and lost many friends who were the most positive thinking, feisty, bravest women I’ve ever met.
I also know being stage 4 can be a lonely place, sometimes especially here on the general forums.
Have a good weekend all.

Morning everyone.

I’m with you Clare37 although I agree the speed of the treatment starting and her discharge from hospital wasn’t realistic.

I identify with her coping on her own. I have coped all the way through on my own because the man I married decided not to support me in any way. Obviously it’s been Tanya’s own choice to try and go it alone, I had no choice. I have good friends but they aren’t there most of the time and certainly not in the wee small hours when the gremlins visit.

Last night’s episode affected me because at last she is going to get the support and help she needs. I couldn’t help thinking how great that would have been if it had happened to me.

Love to all

J xxx

Jennifer ’ I appreciate it must be difficult trying to move on but being constantly reminded I do but it will always be everywhere adverts, interviews, media in general but we can choose not to watch listen to a certain extent. Surely it would be worse if the medai chose to oignore completely it which would lead to less support and understanding

Jan ’ im so sorry u had to cope with this alone

I also agree that the timeline wasnt realistic with treatment but its a soap they have to fit a lot in to short amounts of time, the storyline could go on for years if they did it completely realistically and thats just not feasible as its not real but it is approaching issues that people should know about

Claire i agree it could go on for years but for someone just diagnosed i felt it would give a false reality especially doing head radiotherapy for cervical cancer.
Soaps i can take em or leave em. Mostly have better things to do with my time. The complaints section is not just for complaints it is there to comment on what you have seen. I think it is worth putting a point of view to help them get it right next time good or bad.
Jan, so sorry you are having to cope on your own and i wish there was something i could say to comfort you.

Hi Clare37 and hatty

Thanks for your comments. I’m 4 years on now and have coped and come out the other end of the tunnel a much stronger person. Lots of help from friends and my GP who knows the situation and is am absolute gem.

The point I wanted to make I suppose, although not very well I agree, is that there are other issues other than the obvious being dealt with in Eastenders

Tanya trying to cope on her own, her daughter Lauren being her only support and confidant and the effect on her. The way events in our life influence the way we behave. I also think there will be more to come with Tanya’s sister and her response.

I find it difficult to watch at times but I will continue because I think there are important issues being dealt with on how cancer affects every part of your life.


don’t know if this is the right thread to put this on but some ladies say that they worry about what the future holds for them as regards the return of the gremlin.

I went to the doctor’s on wed, have infection in Mx site, got off the bus at my stop, stepped onto one of the new fancy bricks the council spent all the tax money on, the brick flipped up. I FELL DOWN THE HOLE AND BROKE ME LEFT WRIST!!!

When I went to AE in an ambulance…all v dramatic…I explained to the nurse about my Mx because I banged it and her reply totally stunned me. “I had bc last year, wle, chemo and rads, I regard it as a blip in my life and am now living to the full”

She looked fantastic, hair grown back and nails and was really chuffed because the day before she had her fist proper styling for a year.

Her attitude is what I feel but it was great to meet a woman who has been there and got the t-shirt.

Life is for living, worry can go and s*d off.

Hope this can help anyone in any way. M

Well said, applestreet, but thoughtless ratings-chasing programmes like EE don’t help, they just drag us back.

Yes well said applestreet. So sorry about your accident, thats all u need! Wish u a speedy recovery hun x