Eastbourne area

Hi have just been dx with secondaires to lungs , having realy hard time coming to terms with it anyone out there with the same or advice in coping thanks josie1 xx

Hi Josie,

Sorry to hear your news. It is a dreadful shock and does take time to find your way to cope, you will go through lots of emotions but somehow you will find a way.

I’m bone mets not lung, but there is a thread on here about bone mets so you might find that useful.

I see you are from Eastbourne. There is a small group of women with secondaries, about 4 usually but sometimes a couple more, from Sussex and we try to meet for lunch/drink about every 6 weeks - we are sometimes joined by a couple of women from Kent. You might feel it too soon to join us but you’d be welcome whenever you are ready. Look out for my Sussex Secondaries post or PM me if you like. The next meeting is likely to be in an Italian in Hastings in November but details yet to be confirmed.

Hope you’ve managed to have a reasonable weekend. Hope you find the forums useful and supportive. There is also a secondary live chat session on Tuesdays 8.30-9.30.

Hugs to you at this very tough time, Julie

Hi Josie,

Sorry to hear of your secondary diagnosis, but to try to help you I have put the link to the are of this website where secondaries are discussed. Don’t forget the helpline staff are also here to support you through this.


Take care,
Jo, Facilitator