Eczema on face with tamoxifen

Can anyone help - Along with my general Tamoxifen-induced skin breakdown, I’ve got dry eczema-y patches above my eyes just under my (newly returned) eyebrows. It looks like I’ve overdone the pink/red eyeshadow! and looks really weird from a distance and disgusting closer up. I don’t know what i can put on it as it’s such thin, sensitive skin just there. I’ve tried simple moisturisers and Eucerin. I daren’t put betnovate on it.
Please help!

My son suffers from eczema on his eyelids and i was told by the doctor to use johnsons baby shampoo on a cotton bud and wipe it on the eyelid.Dont know if it will work for you but it does for him! GILL

Hi Jacquie,
Dont know if it will help but I suffered terrible dryness and eczema type rash all around my eyes during chemo, I used vaseline especially at night and it cleared it up great. Maybe worth a try? Hope it improves soon.
Love Jillxx

Thanks girls, will try both


I get eczema on my eyelids and below my eye. My doctor gave me some hydrocortisone cream. It really does the trick. Couldn’t find any over the counter products that helped.

Jacki x

Hello ladies
I’ve been on Femara for about three months and for the last few weeks have had bright red upper eyelids up to my eyebrows which itches and gets really dry, and now have red swollen marks below my eyes so I look like I’ve been beaten up. I didn’t think it was an allergy to make up, wondered if it was a side effect of the drugs but and now I’ve found this thread think it sounds like what’s described by the ladies above. I’ve never been an eczema sufferer but wonder if the chemo (which finished in January) could have lasting effects on my immune system and made me prone to eczema. I will try the hydrocortisone - glad I found this discussion.
Tracey x

Hi Jacquie

I had psoriasis for about 20 years and sometimes got dry patches under my eyebrows. Over the counter hydrocortisone has always cleared it up but dont admit to chemist that you are putting it on your face and only use for about a week. Happily, since being on Tamoxifen and anti depressants, my psoriasis has completely cleared up!!!

Best wishes

Hello All,

I too have been suffering with eczema on my eyelid, and have tried the steroid cream from the doctor, which clears it up, but when I stop applying the cream, it comes back.
I went into a health store and asked what they suggested and they said ‘NEEM CREAM’. It’s wonderful, the relief was immediate and it’s stopped the itching and swelling and I no longer look like I’ve done 14 rounds with a heavyweight boxer.
It’s worth a try. Do a search on the web and it will tell you all about it.

Kind thoughts to everyone out there!

Liz xx

Thanks for that Liz. Tracey i’m sorry to hear you’re suffering.
I went to my GP and got hydrocortisone cream, which worked a treat. I also changed to a different brand of Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) around the same time, due to other skin problems, and my skin cleared up and my hot flushes disappeared as a lovely by-product!
Good luck
love Jx

Hello J and Liz
Just to let you know I did buy some hydrocortisone 1% cream and applied it twice - just a tiny amount as I know it’s not good for the thin skin around eyes. The problem has completely gone! My skin is still a bit dry but thank goodness it has stopped itching and there’s no redness. If it does come back though I will try Neem Cream as don’t want to use steroid cream too often.
Thanks for your advice
Tracey x

I have just discovered glycerine and water works. It’s cheap and effective.