Edinburgh and areas around

Hi…wondering if there is anyone around from here,going through breast cancer treatment.Am pretty lonely,and looking for chat about what lies ahead.


I am in Fife, I am almost 4 years from dx. I had a right mastectomy and 8 sessions of chemo. I am on Tamoxifen. I am waiting on a date for reconstruction at St Johns in Livingstone. I would be willing to answer any questions.

Carolyn x

Hi Carlylon,thanks for getting back to me,I love Fife,I like the coastal areas,around Crail,Anstruther,the wee places are lovely.
I got told I have early BC,in my right breast,got to get 6 chemos,then mastectomy,reduction in my other breast to!! Its been hard, was a fit 49yr old,running half and training for a full marathon next year,now its hard just walking out the front door!! I have had 2 FEC+Doxcetal,been ok,but am very lonely,and miss my normal life,working full time,being so independent.

Where did u go to have your mastectomy? I was born inthe Western General Hospital, I work there as a nurse, and now am a patient there!! its not surreal…


I had my mastectomy and lymph node sampling in the Queen Mgt in Dunfermline. As 2 nodes were positive, I had lymph node clearance in the Western General. I had my chemo in Dunfermline. I am waiting for my reconstruction which will be done in St. Johns in Livingstone. I was reviewed by the Plastic Surgeon in Feb this year, but yet have had no word, hopefully it wont be too much longer.

Carolyn x

hi Poly and Carolyn

there are a big group of us who meet up in edinburgh every month.

you are very welcome to come along… we meet for lunch (i use the term loosely as we meet at lunch time but sometimes dont get home till after teatime or later!).

anyway our next meeting is on Sunday 31st of October from 1.30 in Hamiltons Bar in Stockbridge.

we are a very friendly bunch and you are most welcome to join us.

Poly i was also a nurse at the WGH and im now a breast care nurse at the genetic screening in ardmillan.

Lulu xxxx

Hi Poly,

I am 42 and had my mx & chemo at St. John’s in Livingston and have just started my radiotherapy at the Western in Edinburgh.

It is hard not doing the things you were used to doing - not that I was up to running a marathon!! I practice yoga, but have had to reduce my practice to a much less intense level. I walk the dogs every day (except when the weather is really miserable!). I also used to cycle to work a couple of times a week but that has all gone out the window too!

It can be lonely at times, this journey, I also don’t have any relatives or friends that have gone through bc, but this forum has been brilliant, there is so much support and advice from those that know what a diagnosis of bc really means both physically & emotionally.

Carolyn - I will be interested to hear how you get on at St. John’s with you reconstruction. I don’t know yet whether I will go ahead with one but it will be there that I go to discuss my options, but it won’t be until next year.


Carloyn will turn up at Hamiltons nxt meeting,look forward to it,I have been a bit down since ysterday, I work as a nurse in GI,miss it very much,just want to get back ASAP.
Silver10…I wish I had a dog to walk…I was going to buy a bike,but probably wont use it,might try a wee run over the weekend,havent ran since Dx
I have had 2 chemos,mammogram on 18th oct,surgery then? if not 3 more chemos.Mstectomy + reduction on my L breast…its such alot to take in,and I still cant believe I have BC,but,its another challenge, and many of these I have had in my life that I have conquered…single parent,got my diploma at 43,got out of debt,in love out of love,so, another challenge but a HUGE one to deal with.


Lulu…sorry am a bit in a muddle last two days, I will appear at Hamiltons…and I know usually lunch,turns into longer sessions,but thats me to…

Hi Poly

I am posting a link to our ‘Younger women’s forum’ information which are held around the country throughout the year and there is one in Glasgow in the new year if you are interested, just follow this link:


Take care

LucyBCC thanks for the info…but I dont qualify as am 49yrs old(though still a young women,i think anyway!!)…
looks a good weekend though very intresting…
would love to go…

I filled the online form in for the Glasgow weekend,I think it would do me the world of good to go along,especially to views my questions about BC,and meet others. If I get the chance to go.

Hi poly

Sorry about that, we do have other support services which you may also find helpful and you can read more here:


Take care

Hi all

Thanks for the invite to Hamiltons, I might not manage this time but would certainly like to try for the next one. I will keep you all posted if I get a date for my reconstruction.

Best wishes to all

Carolyn x

sorry you wont be able to make it this time carolyn but will keep you posted for the next time.

poly will be lovely to meet you one of the other girls is training to be a nurse endoscopist… not sure if she will make it this meet but we also have a WGH radiographer too…

it will be lovely to have a new member in our group… i had BC first at 37 then at 40 and been through chemo, surgery and rads as have many of the group and we are all happy to share our experiences… we range in age from 24 to 62.

if you have facebook you can add me if you like… theres a link in my profile.

its a pity you cant make the young womens forum as i went last time and it was fab and there were a couple of women who didnt fit the criteria but somehow still managed to go.


Lulu34…The Glasgow meeting nxt year, looks what would intrest me,I filled the form in anyway,so hope to hear back from them, i still feel a young women at 49…i have worked at the hospital for 6yrs as a nurse, love my job,I am usually looking after patients,now its the other way around…I am in good hands…

the team at the WGH are very good Poly… think it would be good to see you on 31st and we can have a good old natter.

sounds like you could do with it… have you been to the look good feel better session at maggies? i thoroughly recommend it.

they have lots of useful stuff going on there or even just pooping in for a chat.

take care xx