Edinburgh Secondary evening get togethers

Now I don’t know if as an Aberdonian I’m being cheeky posting this but I’d love to be able to get to these meetings but being 6 - 8 I just can’t. However I’ve noticed I’m not the only one. Val posted she had intended going but cooked diner and was knackered, Gail found it difficult with evening meal and Cap requirements, and Isobel was duboius about the 40 mile journey and late return. If I’ve mis quoted anyone please shout and accept my apologies - it’s been on diferent threads and I’m going from memory!
Obviously the session suits some people or it wouldn’t happen but has there ever been any thought to making it a daytime session or do too many people work?
Just wondering thats all


Another which hasn’t made it into latest posts - if I wasn’t already I’d be getting paranoid!!

I would definitely make an effort for something more in daylight hours, especially over the winter period.

I missed your thread completely Nina/Broomsticklady, Not surprising with 294 latest post pages! No you remembered correctly on all three recounts ( mind you I am going from memory too! I would much prefer a daytime meeting but if they cannot accomodate us I am sure we could arrange something ourselves as long as we co-ordinate scans/chemo dates etc. I have ony been to 2 meetings at night but I did have 2 operations chemo and scans and blood transfusions on some of the days!
Sorry it took so long to answer this but I am game if you and Gai are and BCC can arrange a day time meet that would be even better as they have a room at the Western. perhpaps that is the reason it is at night. Maybe the area is used during the day by McMillan. Wil keep my eyes pealed for an update but Pm me if I miss it again if you can Nina. Hugs Val

I noticed that most of the sessions in other areas are during the day, but you could be right that the room isn’t available during the day.