Effects from Tamoxifen and 'glowing'skin

I know the suns been shining but I really do seem to have a permantly red face and sore . I don’t really think it’s ‘sunburn’ but as I have a friend who is also on Tamoxifen and also has a high colour I wondered if there is a link. I’m moisturising but to no avail. It feels like sunburn … and not very flattering. Anyone else got this?

Hi lazy daisy,

I started taking tamoxifen a month ago, and I too have had the glowing skin, it comes and goes, also i found that my hands went quite red and felt a little swollen, this as now subsided, i have found the night sweats more of a problem, and getting fed up with the broken nights.

all the best ann

I too have had problems with night sweats but gp has prescribed me clonidine, which really works.

Julia xx

I get bright red hands and feet aswell as red cheeks! Don’t get hot flushes though…

It could be a skin rash associated with Tamoxifen. I have been on Tam for nearly a year and gone through a range of side effects and am left with joint pain in ankles, knees and hands and a skin rash around my mouth and nose areas that is bright red and is raised at times. I thought it was to do with the cold but on my first check back at the hospital the consultant said it was the Tamoxifen. It comes and goes and I have hydrocortozone and cetirizine Dihydrochloride tablet and I use both of these when the skin is raised and bubbly. It comes and goes and over the last 5 months I have used medication about 3 times.

Do mention it on checks as it is recognised but not always by the GP. My GP didnt recognise that joint pain was a side effect let alone the skin rash. The consultant recognised it instantly - the difference being the GP has enough to do with keeping up with medications etc., let alone anything else.

Ask your doctor to have a look to make sure. The other thing I have is itchy skin - at night is really bad. The same tablets help with that also.

Some side effects will go and others will stay but if you have side effects it does mean tamoxifen is working in your system.

Good luck.

HI there

I have a red face too. Been on Tam for 18mths now and it does come and go, and was worse when I first started than now. It made me look really healthy when I have just finished chemo/rads, which wasn’t really how I felt!

Night sweats were terrible at first but have reduced significantly. Leg cramps, joint pains and weight gain (mostly around the middle - I now have what I call my Tamoxifen Tyre where my waist used to be) are my most significant se’s now.

Hope the redness soon subsides for you.


Well problem solved ! off tamoxifen because of complications with DVT . Thank you all for your responses - Isn’t this site brilliant? Havn’t taken Tamox. since Thursday and although have glowing skin still, I don’t thhink it’s so bad or feeling so sore ( see thread ‘Off Tamoxifen’. Good luck girls - keep on taking the pills for as long as you can … you know it makes sense.