Egg harvesting before Chemo

Hiya ladies,

I am 23 an d got diagnosed in December with IDBC its is a grade 3 I have had my lumpectomy and now Im due to start Chemo. But before i start chemo i am having my eggs harvested and i was wondering if it hurts? I am so scared as i saw a lady in the waiting room in so much pain and upset and i am worried. I will do anything to be able to have children, it just worries me.


Hi Kt,
sorry to read of your diagnosis and it’s consequences for you. Alas I cannot answer your question but am BUMPing up your post so that it will get spotted by someone who can.

Hope all goes well and that your futur eis happy and healthy.

Morning kt23

Breast Cancer Care has a publication on the subject of fertility which discusses some of the issues you are concerned about. I’ve given the link here - it can be downloaded or ordered here:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes.


Hi KT23

I’ve had my eggs taken before as I was an egg donor for somebody before I was diganosed with breast cancer. The only discomfort I felt was after the procedure to remove my eggs and have them fertilised and that was an ache in my lower abdomen which was solved completely by the use of simple pain killers. The pain went and didn’t come back and it wasn’t terrible either. The procedure itself was carried out under sedation. Hope things go well for you.
Ruby x

Hi Kt23

I had my eggs harvested before my first chemo as I was single at the time & wanted to keep my options open. Not an experience for anyone with a needle phobia as you have to self administer drugs for several days. What they don’t warn you is that with your body being stimulated to produce lots of eggs you get very powerful urges to fertilise them if you get my drift! I started wanting anything in trousers. The postman had no idea what sort of potential danger he was in…lol! Anyway the only bit that brought me discomfort was the actual harvesting itself but they do with you sedated so you’re only partly aware it’s going on. Just some pain killers needed afterwards so not so bad. I confess I went to a gig that night ( not recommended I hasten to add) when I should have just rested up. I think the lady you saw probably had some sort of problem so try not to worry. Provided you can bear all the injections you’ll be fine. From the ones they extracted from me they found 7 good ones & popped them in the deep freeze. They have a 10 year life span. I get an annual storage charge.

Hope this helps

Twinky x

I’m currently going through the process of having my eggs harvested so i can freeze embryos.
As i am ER positive i have to take letrozole and then administer some injections.
I had a scna first to see if there were any follicles that we could move forward and there were. I have 10 in one ovary and 13 in the other. The drugs then encourage these to develop.
The injections arent painful at all.
For me - for the harvesting they are giving me a general aneasthetic…(i seem to react to local aneasthetic).
To me - it was a risk worth taking - i so want to be a mummy in the future i want to give myself every chance!
Best of luck hon and if you want to message me feel free.

Hi all,

I’m also going through this process.
I have been injecting myself for the past 12 days with Menopur and Cetrotide and have been scanned every 2 days for the past week - my follicles are now large enough and I am booked to have my eggs harvested in 2 days time.
The injections aren’t a problem (and I’m scared of needles) because the needles are very small and you inject yourself under the skin (not in a vein).
For me the scariest part is knowing that as soon as the eggs have been harvested I have to start chemo…
Good luck with it all and just try to remember why you’re doing it - that makes it all worthwhile :slight_smile:

Hi Kojak,

Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, I’m sure you’ll get lots of support from the knowlegeable users of this site. My colleague Lucy has put a link above to one of BCC’s publications you may find helpful just a little further up this thread, plus if you need that little extra support then the helpline team are just a free phone call away.

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator