Eileen are you OK ?

Eileen - how are you? Did they find that you had an infection in your line?

Hope you are OK.

Love Anthi

Sorry Anthi just came on a bit ago. Yes I have replied on the undergoing treatment . Anyhow, how are you. You live alone don’t you I used to think how that would be wehn I was going through chemo you seemed to cope so well. How is you treatment going Aren’t you on herceptin I am very tired going back to work after next week.I don’t come on the forums so much now as it makes me scared , and I find I dwell on things after reading some posts. I try to put it to the back of my mind, Are you back at work. I have spent the summer sewing doing patchwork and making bags. It will be a year on the 3rd of November since finding the lump. The end of my old life as ut was!! Thanks for your concern Anthi hope you are well love Eileen

Hello Eileen

Glad to read on your other thread that you are feeling better. I think having the line out is probably a good idea. I managed all the chemo and now Herceptin without a line or port. It was quite difficult sometimes with the worst being 5 attempts to get the cannula in but they always managed eventually.
I’ve had Herceptin No. 7 now and my veins seem to be recovering - the last twice they’ve got the cannula in first time.
I’m fine thank you. Yes I’ve lived alone for years but have very good friends and neighbours who helped me through chemo and also helped to provide lifts for rads. I still look at the forums and sometimes get very frightened but try to tell myself to live for today and to enjoy life now as best as I can. I still seem to need to look at the forums somehow.
I’ve recently had two lovely holidays - I cancelled earlier in the year because of treatment so took them both in September and it was great to get away and see different things and different people. It did me a lot of good.

I get tired on Herceptin and need lots of sleep. I’m on Aromasin too (I think you’re ER/PR negative aren’t you?) and that gives me horrendous fllushes and major sweats as well as very stiff joints and muscles but if it stops the cancer coming back then that’s OK with me. I’ve also got slight lymphoedema but in my breast - my arm is fine -and I’m having a course of manual lymphatic drainage for that in a couple of weeks.
As for work - I’m partly retired and just do a bit of teaching at home these days which is great as it’s just enough to manage on and to keep me happy. I don’t think I could work full time now.
I do hope you get on OK when you go back to work Eileen and don’t get too tired. It’s not full time is it? Your bags sound nice. Do you sell them?
Take care Eileen and look after yourself
Love Anthi

'phoned Christies today to arrange for line out and first appointment was next Friday. In the meantime my breast care nurse 'phoned me and when I told her that the local hospital won’t use lines she was amazed. The excuse both times was “You see sweetheart Christies don’t like us touching their lines” apparently a load of tosh. Well she was worried so she made an appointment for tomorrow and having it out then and she will leave a prescription for antibiotics. Well saga over hopefully. Anthi so glad you have had a couple of holidays. I have had a few days away but feel I need to be near home so daren’t go for too long. Comfort blanket! My bags are lovely and I never sell anything. I use patterns from Australia mainly. The aussies are really into quilting and sewing. Nowt else to do in the outback.So lucky to have loads of hobbies as I don’t know what I would have done. I am feeling a bit better today had a few down days this week. Love to all on here. Eileen