EL KATRANO - Nearly finished!!! WHOOOOP

Just a quick update to say that it’s my last day of rads tomorrow!
YAAAAAAYYYYY! I’ve had no problems with rads whatsoever, slight pink in comparison to other boob but totally uneventful which is really nice. All I used was Simple Shower Gel to wash with, the Aqueous cream twice a day.

I start Tamoxifen on Monday, I said on another thread that I’m nearly done constructing my Werewolf Cage so I can lock myself up in that Monday!! :smiley:

it feels sooo good to know that tomorrow is my last physical treatment now! I have 2 more appts, 1 in a month to get onc sign off, the other in 2 months to get rads sign off.

I won’t know what to do with myself… Oh Yeah… SLEEP!!!

Now it’s the long 5 year wait to get the “all clear”. Hope I can forget about it but have a feeling that little pill will remind me. And probably every pain will be OMG Secondaries.

It’s rather lovely stepping into the land of NED - welcome Ek. I too found rads a breeze, with no skin damage bar extreme sun tan, which developed after I finished. Three weeks later, no noticeable fatigue either. Just gradually recovering from chemo and learning what it feels like to feel NORMAL sometimes!! Enjoy!!

i got signed off by the onc today!!! YAY me!
WHOOP and YAY to us all!!
good luck with the sleep… that one still evades me…

Yay big ‘High Five’ to you El Katrano and Charlotte must be such a good feeling at that stage. Ive got a way to go but it is lovely reading of people finishing their treatments in high spirits.

Hope you get lots of lovely sleep and rest you deserve it x

El Kat, you have jumped right ahead of me!
No rads for me yet, but planning this week so getting there. Still not sure as to weather I can go on thr IMPORT HIGH trial yet, but will know b4 fridays planning.

What fab news for you both. I am only just starting my journey but its posts like yours that make me realise I will get through it and roll on this time next year.

Celebrations all round, congratulations.

Barbara x

Great news El Kat! I have just had my second dose of radiation this morning, so a few more weeks to go, but not far behind you!

Whoop Whoop… welcome to the Land of NED - long may you remain here


It’s a great feeling isn’t it when you get thru’ to end of active treatment. I skipped out of the Rads dept on last session (Saturday none about so didn’t feel too silly) hubby rolled his eyes no change there then! Thought I was a bit old for “that sort of thing” 51 isn’t old!

Hope all goes well in next few weeks; remember you cook for a week or so yet; so keep on with cream etc. Be kind to yourself you’ve been on quite a journey.

Take care

Great news El K and Charlotte, lovely, lovely! Nice to know RADS went well for so many too. Had my planning and start Tuesday, round 3 ding ding!

Carolyn x

Fantastic news El K and so glad it’s been relatively uneventful for you
and good for you too Charlotte.
I have one more chemo to go, then a month before starting RADS so it’s reassuring it seems to be more do-able.
Thanks for letting us know. Be gentle with yourself.