Elbow and upper arm problems - from snb?

Ive had a painful elbow the past couple of weeks, if its bent for a while then it hurts to straighten the arm. Sometimes its tender to touch. Last night I found when raising my arm to wash my hair in the shower, that I got pain in the elbow that went up the underneath of my arm towards the armpit.

So my question is could this pain be caused from the snb and removal of 9 lymph glands 18 months ago, rather than something just wrong with the elbow?

Anyone had similar?


I have had similar pain in my underneath my upper arm which occationally goes to my elbow. My BC nurse suggested that it was cording following the removal of lymph nodes. I yours does not clear up I would see the BC nurse as they should be able to arrange phiso for you

Hi lolly

Another thought…what do you do for a living? Does it involve a lot of pc work with that arm?

Could it be a touch of RSI?