Eloise Lingerie

Hello ladies
I am just putting a post on here as I have been having terrible trouble trying to get a refund from Eloise Lingerie for a mastectomy bra which I returned to them. I ordered the bra on 12<sup>th</sup> March and when it arrived, although the box said the right size, inside was a completely different size bra, so I returned it on 23<sup>rd</sup> March. I then forgot to check whether I had received a refund, but realised I hadn’t so phoned them on 16<sup>th</sup> May. They told me that they had problems with their BACS system and some payments hadn’t gone through, so they would send me a cheque that week. That never arrived and I have phoned them several times since then. I have been promised phone calls back, which have never materialised. I was promised a cheque was being posted to me last Friday, which has still not turned up. Latest is that a cheque was sent to me Monday or Tuesday of this week, which I am still waiting to receive.
I don’t want any other ladies to have this hassle! I would never use them again and would never recommend them to anyone. They have been totally incompetent and their customer service has been appalling. I am having chemo at the moment, so hardly feel the need to be using my energy up pursuing this! The other thing is that there may be other ladies in the same position who haven’t realised that they have not had refunds they were entitled to.
I am sure other ladies will have ordered goods from them and not had any problems. This is just my experience and I really felt the need to vent my frustration!
Best wishes to all
Joan xx