Emma Freeborn

Hello forum members,

I used to post on this forum all the time when going through treatment mainly on the hair loss strand and then storm riders. And we tend to keep in touch more these days through facebook. I’ve hesitated about posting this very sad and shocking news about Emma as I know she did much work for breast cancer charities. We used to work together just before she received her primary diagnosis in around 2005 but a little after that she moved to a different team and we lost touch. All this time I’ve wanted to speak to her about my own Bc diagnosis three years later but for some reason couldn’t manage to make that call. However, I was thinking about her a lot today, possibly as I’ve been off work for a few weeks following complications after revision reconstruction. My plan was to contact her through Facebook but when I looked, I saw that she passed away last month. I’ve looked to see if there’s another strand set up, and if there is, I’m sorry for duplicating.

Wishing everyone on here well.


I’m sorry to hear this news. I heard Emma speak at a conference last October; she was great and I felt very grateful to have someone so articulate speaking up for us. Condolences to her family and friends.

Tournesol x

I didn’t know Emma but wanted to say how sorry I am that another life has been lost to this awful disease. Condolences to her family and friends.
Nicky x

I did not know Emma, but again, so sad to hear of yet another life lost to this cruel, unpredictable disease. My condolences to Emma’s family and freinds; may she rest in peace.

I met Emma many times at various BCC campaigns. She did so much for the cause and always remained so upbeat. Her attitude was a true inspiration and it was with great sadness that I learned of her death earlier this year. Another young life cruelly blighted by this illness.

Love to all.

I saw Emma speak at a living with Secondary breast cancer Conference in November.

She really was inspirational.

julie x

Another tragic loss to this vile disease at such a terribly young age. I was another who heard Emma speak at the London seminar in Oct and I think we all found her inspirational. She will undoubtedly be greatly missed.

Thank you for letting everyone know Victoria.


I am gutted to read of Emma’s death. This article appeared in one of the Croydon newspapers which some of you might like to read


To say she was inspirational is an understatement. She was a truly amazing young woman. I met her frequently at the Marsden when our dates coincided and the nurses there would try and make sure we had beds next to each other. The first time I met her she was with her mum Sharon who was nearly always with her. She overheard a conversation I was having with someone about having lived with breast cancer for so many years so she came over and asked if I would come and talk to her daughter. Emma often told me how much that conversation had meant to her. So frequently when I saw her she would be telling of her latest venture - walking the Great Wall of China, organising a ball at the London Grosvenor Hotel to raise funds for breast cancer. I don’t know where she got her energy from! I am surprised that BCC never posted about her passing. Though it is a month gone now my thoughts are with her OH David, and mum Sharon who must both miss her so badly. Thank you Victoria for letting us know.


Emma was one of the main speakers at last October’s launch of the secondary breast cancer booklet “The little tips that make a BIG difference”.
I had a brief chat with Emma after the launch, and had intended to get in touch… so it is shocking to see that she is no longer with us. My condolences to her family and friends.

I too heard Emma speak a conference last October.She was so inspirational and full of life.Such sad,sad news, another young life taken by this c*** disease.
My thoughts are with her family.

Lucinda xx

Hi Vitoria,

Thank - you so much for letting us know the sad news about Emma. I to was there at last October and listening to her speech.
I can only say it made me aware of a inspiring young woman that did so much to make the medics aware of the impact thsat breast cancer has to the people it affects.

Good night Emma I sure you’ll make an impact were ever you are. Rest well you certainly deserve it.

Love and best wishes to you Victoria. I hope things have settled down for you and you are healing well.
Chris xxx