Emotional rollercoaster

Can I get off please? Fed up of all this uncertainty and waiting.  Feeling tearful. 

I remember that feeling well, trouble is the train never wants to blooming stop! Are you still waiting on results ? Xx 

I dont think i will ever fully accept that it really happened to me , just saying ive had cancer out loud seems surreal! You will feel better once all the uncertainty is over, its just so hard having to wait, it drove me demented!! When I had my recent 1st year Mammo i refused to let myself go back to that state, i developed nerves of steel from somewhere and just thought go on do your worst!! Thankfully it didnt xx

Thank you Jobey and Charys for your replies. It is so surreal. So, so sorry to hear your news Charys and I’m sending you a big hug.  I went grade 0 to grade 3 HER+ ER- so huge change in prognosis and treatment etc. Yes please let’s go through this together, love OAD xxxxx

Blimey thats quite a change OAD, Im sorry your both having to face such rubbish but as you will have seen here it comes and goes and you cope, Its crap but you can deal with it Xx

Hi OAD and Charys, seems like you’ll be starting your chemo just as I finish mine. Once you get your start date you can plan when you’re likely to feel rubbish and when you’re likely to have your good days so you can go out and about and feel normal!! I started the January 2016 chemotherapy monthly thread on here and found amazing support from others having chemotherapy the same time as me. You seem to have found support in eachother too which is really good and you will really value it in the weeks to come. Chemo is tough, but you get through it! There are so many things they can prescribe you to help you through any side effects so never suffer in silence!
Loads of love xxx

Hi I felt the same (started my chemotherapy in March) and have been up and down emotionally. I have had 3 ACs now and fortunately have tolerated them ok. The first one is the scariest as it’s so unknown but so far in my good weeks I have led a near normal life so take each day - try mindfulness practice as that’s helpful and don’t take on too much. I fear the next chemotherapy which is paclitaxel weekly but I have learned to just go with it and look after myself

Thank you Kim and Jenni, I have already had a good cry this morning, I feel such a burden on others but support from people on this forum is great and helps me see there is light at the end of the tunnel xx