Emotional vs physical recovery

Hi ladies,


I’m approaching a week since my WLE and SNB and seem to be healing up ok now after suffering from a lot of bleeding for the first few days. I’ve got a decent range of motion back in my arm and the pain is generally minimal. I’m doing a bit of work from home here and there, and had considered maybe even going into the office this week, but I feel more emotionally drained than I thought I would and even cried this morning when a friend had to re-schedule coming to visit for a cuppa! I also cried on the phone yesterday when my GP said they couldn’t give me a sick note and that my surgeon would have to do it (not sure why they didn’t give me one when I asked for it in hospital). 


I’m usually much tougher than this, and feel like an idiot for not being able to pull myself together and get on with things, but all I can think about is getting the pathology results (hopefully next week) and finally finding out what my programme of treatment will be. I’m also waiting for an appointment to start ovarian stimulation and embryo freezing, which could come through any day now. It’s all just a bit much. 


Is it weird to take a full 2 weeks off to recover at this stage? I’m desperate to get back into sport again, but my brain just isn’t functioning properly to let me concentrate on work (I’m a lecturer and researcher).


Caroline xx



Hi Caroline

After my surgery, I was given a 2 week sick note by the hospital. I think that that is the norm. Physically, you will be pretty much on the way to recovery after that. Keep doing the exercises and you’re soon be back to your sport.

However, emotionally, it takes much longer. I , too, was very emotional after surgery. I think the reality kicked in at that point. And the stress of it all, will be quite draining. I hope once you get your results and consequently your treatment plan, you will start to settle.

Be kind to yourself.  Don’t underestimate the trauma of a bc diagnosis.Take things slowly and gradually you will improve.

Best wishes

Sue xx

Hi Caroline - I really don’t see why your GP
wouldn’t give you a sicknote over the phone - they know your diagnosis and that you have had surgery - mine gave me one no problem.2 weeks is the minimum time you need off - you certainly need time to recover emotionally as well as physically - all the worry and anxiety takes its toll and until you have had the results from your op and know what happens next I think it is impossible to concentrate on anything else - if your job is demanding mentally or physically even more so .I didn’t go back til after radiotherapy ( I worked in a stressful job - with face to face contact with vulnerable people ).x

Hi Caroline,
Things do differ, I was told to get a sick note from the GP & on seeing him, he recommended one month so I was signed off for that. As Jill says, is it worth contacting the GP practice again about it?
ann x

It totally sucks that the hospital didn’t give you a note. Just puts one more frustration on you when you are vulnerable - it would make anyone cry. Keep after the nurses and bother them until you get that note. Maybe you and your friend can pick it up together and have that cuppa.