Emotions up and down

New to this site got tired of reading my symptoms over again and again on health sites… Nothing I can do until I get results so decided to join this site just to familiarize myself with what may or may not happen. Not sure if my story is unique but here goes… Little personal history first… Almost 33 3 boys well 4 if you count the hubby lol my grandmother had breast cancer but I was to young to remember details but did not die from that my mother has had 2 biopsies all came out negative ( benign) I breastfed my 3 sons and about 2 yrs had partial hysterectomy due to my periods being extremely heavy and lasting weeks and weeks. All was good no periods occasional painful cyst on ovaries but go away… So I found it very odd that while in bed I suddenly felt like my left breast was having a let down like when I breastfed( which I haven’t done in 4yrs). So I found it strange went and decided to investigate and found a lump ( nodule according to my doc) I had a breast exam 4 months ago by my ob he never said anything about it so pretty sure it wasn’t there then. I don’t do monthly breast exams ( I will now) so who knows how long I have had this lump if my breast hadn’t started tingling I would have most likely not noticed it… Tingling and lump began 4 days ago doc has scheduled mammogram and ultrasound for Wednesday also put me on antibiotic and naproxen and told me to stop caffein intake( I will try but really not to thrilled I :heart: my coffee/ diet dr.pepper) so that’s pretty much it… If you have suggestions or information on my situation it is greatly appreciated Thanks for Reading:)

Hi Chris


So sorry to hear you are in the waiting room. I can’t comment on your situation, but will give you a word of advice. Please _ DO NOT GOOGLE!! _    Now you have found this site, stick to it and the Macmillan site. 


I know it is a worrying time, but when you have had your tests on Wednesday, and got the results (probably one week later if positive, maybe sooner if negative) you will feel more in control. Please let us know how you got on.


Sending hugs and best wishes


Poemsgalore xx

I actually found this site by accident was reading somewhere about a woman joining the buzzy breast club I googled it leading here… Didn’t realize its based out of the uk and not really sure how everything works yet trying to keep busy so I don’t start worrying again lol… I did have a question what is the Macmillan site? I googled it but not sure how it relates to this site. Thanks

Thanks I will check it out just did mammogram and it wasn’t as bad as I thought now waiting for the ultrasound