Hi All


Just putting this out there but do any of you also get a mix of emotions? There are times when I could burst into tears at the slightest thing. I have also found myself getting angry about the littlest things and have become the original Mrs Angry just lately. Had my MRI on Tuesday and got to go back a week on Monday for the result. Been told I have Invasive Lobular Cancer and hopefully, MRI permitting, it is in one area.


Would like to hear from others to make sure I am not going mad!

Hi Bellas Mum


Im new on here too, diagnosed last week and due MRI Monday, and roller coaster emotions are the norm… we are not alone in this. It’s very supportive here. I find Im worse when I first wake up. I’ve already had one major meltdown (when I got my clinic letter copy) but I do think it was good for me as I was trying to keep it all in… I fully empathise with you. It’s the waiting and not having all the answers…


Feenix xhugx

Hi BellasMum, any and all emotions are completely normal. You are coping with life changing news and the emotional roller coaster can get a bit much for your own brain to cope with at times.  I am a year post diagnosis and it’s taken me a long time to get to the calm place I’m at now.  You’re doing fine, just allow yourself time to work through your emotions and let them out.  Try and be kind to yourself with some nice things like aromatherapy, a relaxing bath etc.  You will eventually find ways to get your mind to rest but it takes time. Xxx

Hi Bellas mum
I’m new to all of this too, it is an emotional rollercoaster. I hate feeling so out of control emotionally. One minute I think I’m fine the next I start crying. Others seem to say that once we start with the treatment you feel a lot better so I’m looking forward to knowing that and the other advice I’ve gleened is take it one step at a time, which is easier said than done.
Although none of us want to be here this forum is great, hope your MRI results go well xx

Hi bellasmum. Your definitely not going mad. Can guilt understand where your coming from and emotions you never thought existed. I was diagnosed last week and slowly coming to terms. I to am the mrs grumps. My mornings are the worse and not getting any easier unfortunately. I had the best day yesterday and thought I was turning the corner … wrong !!! Today not been so good. So emotions yes all over the place but some amazing people on here who have definitely helped me get to Sunday!! I keep telling myself I am not alone here and we are not going mad! Hope all goes well for you.

Thanks Gill. It is an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. I even started to think I was a bad person for feeling like this. This forum is great as we can all identify with each other. Thank you x

Thanks Michelle. Once I have had the results of the MRI I may be better. Thank you for replying. This forum is such a source of support and you can put things on here that you can’t vocalise to anyone x

I feel a bit of a fraud still being on these threads as I was diagnosed on 21stDecember, so not “just diagnosed”, but I still haven’t had treatment, just lots of investigation and waiting for results. It’s a long story I’ve recounted elsewhere, so I shan’t go through it again. I do now have a surgery date of 29th April though (yipee!!).


One of the firsts things I read was about the psychology of all this. It seems to be the hardest part, because although I have this thing, I’m not physically ill. Emotions can be a rollercoaster at the best of times when you’re menopausal, but this is something else. It doesn’t matter how we try to explain to our loved ones, unfortunately it’s only you lovely ladies who can really understand.


I’m still working, though I’ve got to admit, I think my brain is becoming so weary now that it’s starting to pack up earlier in the working day. It’s gone part time! Staring at the computer seems to be a regular afternon pastime! I know I am getting really tired now though and I think it’s mental fatigue.


Mornings are always the worst. I feel like I’m swimming through mud. My meltdowns have mostly been in the morning, but I’m trying to treat this like the bully it is and I’m not going to let it win, so I put on my happy face mask and get out there for another day.


I don’t know what treatment I’m going to be faced with once it’s out and we know exactly what we’re dealing with, but that’s the next hurdle we all face. More mental fortitude needed girls! We all need to remain sane after this and be more wonderful than we already are. 



Lumpectomy and radiotherapy.