End of Chemo !!

Hey Girls !!

Have just finished my last chemo - YAY!!! It’s been a long hard slog - as you well know - but I’ve done it ! Have got a long way to go yet, but at least the chemo is over.

I was in two minds as to whether to post this message or not, as I know some of you are just starting your chemo journey and are having a rough time of it, but I just wanted you to know that if I can do it anyone can - I was ready to give up after my first to be honest, (and had a right girly strop), but somewhere we find the strength, and carry on don’t we ? I’m so glad I did.

Sending massive big hugs to all !

Lots of love

Julie xxxxx



well done.

Hi Julie

That is fantastic news, well done. So glad you did post the info. I’m sure we are all so happy for you. Gives me strength especially as I am on exact same as you. 1 down 7 to go. Hope your going to celebrate in some way you deserve to. Well done again,



Well done Julie. I had my last one yesterday and it’s a weird feeling. The time flew from number 1 to 6 and it’s great that the poison pumping is finished.

For me that’s the end of the beginning - just surgery, rads and Herceptin to go!!!

Sharon x


Just echoing what the others are saying, you have every right to post how happy you are. Im due my 2nd next Wednesday but I really cant wait to send a post like you have done today.Well Done for getting through it!!! Im really pleased for you.

Good Luck with the rest of your treatment.

Love Lynne.x


Thank you so much for your kind messages.

Lots of love to you all - keep going girls !



P.S Sharon, I’m the same as you - got surgery to come then rads and herceptin - not scared about the surgery yet, but I’m sure I will be soon !


You must feel on top of the world…it is messages like your that keep me thinking that I don’t have that long to go…just 3FEC left…mmm…will take a couple of months but that’s not long. Well done again, what a nice pressie!

Well done Julie and Sharon - fab fab fab. Can’t wait for it to be me posting the same thing!!!

LOL girls.

When’s your surgery, Julie? I am scheduled for October 2nd - they offered me the week before but I am taking a break in Cornwall that week. Getting cabin fever now, not having had a holiday since dx at beginnning of May.

Bizarely I got a letter from the hospital where I am having rads scheduing my first session for October 8th. I think they are jumping the gun on that one!!

Sharon x

Babyboo and Bestie - thanks for your comments girls - it’ll be you before you know it !

Sharon, my surgery is scheduled for October 3rd - so we’ll be in at the same time. Having mastectomy with a tissue expander put in. Not sure when the rads will be.

Have a fab break in Cornwall - must admit I’ve really missed my holiday this year but determined to make up for it next year !

Lots of love to you all

Julie xxx

Hi Julie

What a lovely post! Can’t wait to join you finishing chemo. Well done my love. I have already done the surgery -much easier than chemo. But good luck nonetheless! With me three FEC down and three tax to go. Then rads and herceptin like you. A doddle!!

Love you and congratulations. Good luck with the rest of it.



From one Julie to another - well done you, doesn’t it feel good. I finished my chemo on 8th August and start Rads on 6th Sept. Get yourself a glass of wine and some chocs - you deserve it!

Love Julie xxx

Dilys and Julie

Thanks girls for your comments too - just starting to feel the affects of Fridays last chemo - achy legs ! Will be glad to get this next week out the way, and back to feeling “normal” again !

Glad to hear the surgery is easier than chemo Dily’s - had hoped it would be !

Thanks again girls for all your lovely comments - this site has been an absolute godsend to me - you’re all fab.

Love Julie xxx

Hi Julie,

‘congratulations’ you lucky thing! I’m really pleased for you. I just have 2 more cycles of CMF to go, the first one starting on weds and I can not wait for it to be finished!

Nice one Julie, get out there and celebrate now, I know I will be. Pink champers will be the order of the day I think!

Take care,


Dear Julie
well done, fantastic news, that has cheered me up today as im not feeling good after fridays chemo but yo have just eminded me it does end, go and celebrate you deserve it
love galen xx

From another Julie… Well done you lucky girl you! I have 2 more FEC and hope to finish on 2nd November - Like you I would have tossed the towel in after no 1 but as you say we find the strength to carry on - Having kids makes you tougher that’s for sure although after each treatment I still say to my hubby - no more!! I can’t wait to get to the end of that tunnel now and can’t believe that by the time the kids have the next school hols I will be on my last treatment.

Enjoy and be merry!


Hi Julie

Wow congratulations on finishing your chemo. I have 1 more FEC and then 3 taxotere and then Herceptin. Must be a great feeling to have got through it all though. Hope you are celebrating.

Take care


Thats fantastic! I have my last one on Wednesday! I cant wait, as you say, just got to get over the last set of side-effects and then hopefully starting to feel more normal.

I was also interested to hear you were having a tissue expander put in and then you’re having rads. What do you mean by tissue expander? Ive recently been told I cant have this as Im having radiotherapy. Or maybe yours is different to what I was asking for!

Pauline x

Kelly, Galen, JulieG, Dawn & Pauline

Thanks girls for your lovely comments - you’ve all been so great, particularly when I know some of you have still got some way to go. Like I said, if I can get through it, anyone can. Unfortunately feeling pretty crap this week, but its a good feeling to know this’ll be the last time (fingers crossed !).

Pauline, my surgeon has suggested a tissue expander as he said there’s not enough fat and muscle on my back to reconstruct a new breast at the time of my mastectomy (I’m taking this as a compliment, as he obviously thinks I’m too skinny - lol). He will then inject the tissue expander every fortnight with saline then hopefully six months later, there will be space for the impant to go in. He did mention the last time I saw him that he wasn’t sure about me having rads now, although he had said at the very beginning that I would definitely have to, so to be honest I don’t know what he’s going to do ! I must admit I’d still like to (“Like” maybe not being the right word!) have radiotherapy, to make sure we hit this little bas*ard with everything !

Will let you know anyway !

Love to you all

Julie xx