End of relationship

Hi ladies .unfortunately I feel that my relationship is beginning to become unsalvagable…anyone else’s relationship ended after treatment? Xx

Hi Rachy, 

I’m sorry to hear that, it sounds like it’s been building for a while, that must be really tough. 

Take care of yourself, 

Becca at Breast Cancer Care. 

Hi Rachy65 , I’ve just had my results from oncotype test and have waited to see what they were before tackling my OH , my outlook on life has changed since being diagnosed and no longer prepared to put up with him sitting at home watching TV & drinking ! I’ve told him I want to live life & go out more and if he isn’t prepared to make an effort then we will have to go our separate ways, I’ve apologised as it’s me that has changed and now I want him to but I have made it clear he doesn’t have to but I will leave if he doesn’t !! I’m feeling strong and nothing scares me after what I have gone through, I do not want to waste any time enjoying my life , time to be selfish !!! Hope it works out for you what ever you decide x

Hi Jack 36. .thankyou so much for reply. .have you had to have onco because of a large tumour like me?..my partner has completely changed since my diagnosis. .become a sort of bully. He totally disregards my thoughts of fear for the future and tells me to “pull myself together” . My onco has come back low too… 15…so no chemo.I’m getting to the point now where I can’t stand him,he is so thoughtless, bit at the mo I feel stuck as financialy I can’t afford to set up on my own xx but I feel it coming x

HI Jack. .Thanks for that hun…I’ve just seen this really inconsiderate,selfish side to him that I hadn’t seen before…sort of bully boy tactics…We were supposed to be getting engaged at The Lake District in September before all of this happened. .now he says he can’t ask me to marry him because I am a wreck and he won’t consider it untill I get myself right!! It really hurt me xx

Aww thanks for that hun. I’ve felt gutted all week,…everything has fell apart since my diagnosis and this just topped it for me…I’ve told him I didn’t want to marry him either.I just hope I pull through all of this for my own sake if we split up I will be choosy xx

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