end of treatment yipppeeee

After 9 months I have finished all my treatment, just got to keep remebering to take the arimadex everyday for 5 years. I am not the best for rembering to take tablets. (what a confession for a nurse to make)

I am soooo happy.

Hope to get my life back now

whooooo hooooooo



So there is light at the end of the tunnell. You go girl, start enjoying yourself.

Well done and congrats Linda,

Well done Linda…it’s a lovely feeling isn’t it…i had my last chemo on the 7th july and then had my last rads on the 10th july and then walked the race for life on the 13th july and sang all the way around it… and crossed the line with my family and a glass of pink champagne…what a feeling…i think i celebrated for a week and i think i was slightly manic too…

It won’t be long before you other ladies and gents get to this stage…there is light again…

love Deb xx

Well done to you all junieliz

WoW great new :smiley: :smiley:

Linda - congratulations to you - I too have finished my treatment having had my last radiotherapy today!! Finally after nine months it seems I may be able to get my life back into some resemblence of normality - just the old Tamoxifen to think about!

Good luck for the future - and to you all.

Janey x

Good for you Linda. Good luck for the future. By October i will be in your position. I have just started arimidex.


Hello ladies

Well done for getting through all your treatments, I am really pleased for you all. I have got 3 more taxs to get through and I will be joining your club too.

Lot of love

Congratulations Linda…isn’t it wonderful to have NO hospital appointments looming over you for a long while. Enjoy life, you deserve it.