Ending radiotherapy' what now?

i’m 12/15, finish on Friday. I’m obviously ecstatic to not have to spend two hours in the car, but, I’m so unsure how I will feel on Friday when I’m done. My skin is blasted to bits, not good, tired beyond belief. I’m not sure I will be able to ring that bell, I will be on my own, do I need to ring the bell for closure/ move on? This roller coaster is no fun. Oh dear, sorry bad day x

Hello Belle,
Be kind to yourself you have been thru the wringer. After my rads i was very fatigued, and to some extent felt that 3 surgical procedures in 4 months (one not BC related) a diagnosis out of the blue and 18 rads later all came crashing around me. Some liken it to having post traumatic stress disorder, you are running and dealing with all appts sand suddenly this all ceases.
You havevrecignised your gremlins -big step, and already are a forum user. Reach out, as you have, we will support you and help carry you back to a more settled place.
Gently exercise and keep seekung advuce especially if your skin is suffering.
Mych love, LL xx

Hello Belle,

You are not alone wondering how you will feel when the radiotherapy ends. It will be a mixture of feelings and emotions.

  • A huge relief that you do not have to make the long daily journey to the hospital.

  • Happy that your rads treatment is over at last.

  • Anxious that you are now on your own to recuperate without daily contact with medical staff.

  • Sad that you can’t seem to lift your spirits because you are sooooo tired.

  • Irritated that body is now suffering from more side effects caused by rads.

  • Feeling courageous because you got through everything thrown at you.

  • Thankful for your inner strength.

  • Determined to get your life back to a new ‘normality’.

Take care and be kind to yourself until the radiotherapy effects peak and then start to subside. We all understand how you are feeling right now because we have been there too. It isn’t fun but you will get to enjoy the sunshine again.

Big hug.

M x


PS. After my last radiotherapy session, I just broke down in tears in my car. It was all the stress and anxiety being released and the realisation that I was a ‘strong’ person when faced with a life threatening challenge.


Hi Belle,it’s quite a weird and scary feeling to be finishing treatment.The lady I went through treatment with summed it up when she said “what are we supposed to do now then,just go away and try not to get it again ???”.I felt quite vulnerable and emotional when I finished .It was summer so I sat in the garden drank a bottle of fizz (to myself) and burnt my bra in the bbq (I had to wear it during rads due to floppy nature of boobs (oh the glamour ).I got some ladies from the site to join me on line as I felt I needed to mark the occasion but I felt only those who had been through it could understand.Expect a little slump emotionally but also relief to be going back to the non cancer world .Jill.

Thank you for your uplifting comments. My hubby said tonight, ‘well I’ll get over the drive and I think you will too because you’re strong and you have purpose and will return to your normal life’. Yes I might have been strong most of the time, but I’m dreading Friday.  Maybe I’ll just cry in the changing room and then go home and hide. Oh dear, I was determined to be positive. But thank you for your support, I really do appreciate it xx

Well I did it! I wobbled a bit but kept my head held high and kept it together.  I must admit I didn’t ring the bell, I decided I just wanted to walk away and not have any particular attention from other people.

I do feel very positive, I have read the article suggested below (the shorter one) and I think I will refer to that from time to time especially when I need a reality check. So thank you so much for that, I will definitely read the whole text in time.

So a little celebration tonight with my hubby and friends who have been with me through this whole journey and tomorrow recovery continues.  The weatherman even thinks it might get a bit warmer over the weekend! Thank you for your support xxx

Well done Belle x
Do remember the rads keep working even though the sessions have ended, be kind to yourself, keep well hydrated and eat well x x

I had a quick bath (I know not allowed) after the last hospital visit and for some crazy reason  my brain expected everything to be ok.  The mismatch between brain and body is really strange.  Anyway, my skin is a mess but my brain is in a reasonably good place. I’m currently positive, I will revert here if not. Thank you x

Hi every1.
I am going for my results from my operation today. I dont know how i feel. I was very positive yesterday and had a gr8 day with family keeping them all positive as i feel that way. I keep thinking the Radiotherapy will be the easier side of things compared to what ive came through but i think im in some sort of denial about it all. About everything. Im sorry you had that bad day Belle5. I hope you are feeling better. We can only take 1 day at a time i suppose and hope tomorrow brings a better day…xxxx

Hi N,hope you got positive news today.

Hi Jill1998… i found out i had a grade 3 Her2 positive cancer. The lump was only 1.2cm but i think this was lucky for me. I have now to get 6 treatments if chemo 4 herfeptin injections followed by radiotherapy but not sure how many. I am not looking forward to it as every1 will know but this is what u need to do do get to the other side… x

If you go to the going through treatment section there are chemotherapy monthly threads where people going through chemo at the same time give each other support and advice may be worth a look when you have a date to start chemo.Hope chemo treats you kindly.Jill