endometrial cancer


I am not new to the forum,l was diagnosed with bc last June,grade 2 with lymph node involvement.l had a lumpectomy then 6weeks of radiotherapy.it’s been a very emotional 9month’s but like we all try and do,stay positive.l started my letrozol in December,up to now a few side affects but nothing unbearable.l started having a couple of gyne problems ( spotting after the menopause) so straight to the doctors,l was then sent for scans.they found a polyp and 2cysts on my ovaries which they weren’t concerned about,then l had a hysteroscopy which showed endometrial hyperplasia.a biopsy was taken,l was at the hospital yesterday and l got the most devastating news,they told me l have grade 3 aggressive endometrial cancer.l felt as if l had been hit by a bus.the frightening thing was they told me  my bed was booked for my hysterectomy in 2weeks. I live in Carlisle but l have to go to Gateshead to get my surgery done.haven’t slept all night which is to be expected.l have an appointment at 11-30today with the surgeon at newcastle to discuss my treatment.you know this forum was a great comfort to me  when l was going through the bc,l know l will need as much support has l can to hopefully get me through this.maybe now and again l can have a chat with some of you ladies to keep my peker up x ?

Hi daisykins

So sorry to hear of your latest diagnosis.  Please do give the helpline team here a ring if you need someone to talk to in confidence away from family and friends.  The staff are here to support you.  Lines open at 9am today through to 5pm (weekdays) and 10-2 Saturdays 0808 800 6000

Take care,

Jo, Moderator

Sorry to hear your news. How did you get on at your appointment today?

We’ve never met, but please accept a hug and my best wishes. We all have different experiences, but we are here for each other.