Enlarged breast after rads

I finished rads over 3 weeks ago, during RT the size of my boob increased considerably…I see no evidence of it ‘going down’. Does anyone have experience, who has had the same side effect, of this reversing or is it likely to stay the same (most annoying as bra tight on one side) 



Charys x

Hi Charys, I had the same after my rads last year, felt like they were going to burst! Was told it was normal for this to happen and that it would gradually calm down again once the lymph system found new ways to drain the build up of fluid. Hope this helps  Sue x

Hi Charys

It probably is lymph fluid id call your BCN the physios or lymphoedema clinic staff (in my case they are physios) may be able to give you some manual drainage massage techniques to help it along . I have to do it to my scar (no boob left) and arm and basically show the fluid the way to my remaining nodes they reckon by doing this in a few months it will have “learned its way”. But also I know if it does suddenly just do it again what to do I guess

I havent finished my rads yet but have had to up my massages to ensure I dont get any more fluid build up than usual

Jen x