Enlarged liver and recovery?

My OH was DX with secondary breast cancer, in the bones and liver over 3 years ago.She initially had radiotherapy and Letrazole, with Pamidronate/Denosumab and was fairly stable for 2 and1/2 years.Since she has had Epirubicin chemo, exemestane and Tamoxifen, Although held back by Epirubicin, both Exemastane and Tamoxifen have not had any effect.Although her last scan showed “stability”, her Tumour markers have increased from 168 to over 5000 and her liver has enlarged. The oncologist has said this is “serious”.
Has anyone on the forum suffered from an enlarged liver and recovered to have a good quality of life?Although my OH is to start Paclitaxol next week, I am extremely worried that her liver will “pack up” and she will not have much time left.Anyone any experiences that could help us feel more hopeful?

Hello Jack, so sorry that you’ve not had a reply yet. It is a peculiarity of this Forum (a new forum is due to be launched in August) that sometimes a new thread doesn’t get noticed until someone else posts to it.
My situation is different from your OH’s but I have had bone mets for almost 7 years, and liver mets for 4 years, and most of the treatments you mention. You will need to be guided and supported by the oncologist, nurse specialist (“BCN”) and others, especially if there are other issues affecting her quality of life.
Paclitaxel (Taxol) is a tough chemo, but for some people it can have very good results when the liver is affected. You might want to ask about capecitabine (Xeloda), an oral chemotherapy (tablets) as an alternative to paclitaxel.

Hello Jack - I am so sorry that your OH is experiencing progression from this horrible disease. I agree with Mrs Blue that you will need to be guided by the professionals and I cannot give you any specific advice having only received treatment for bone mets to date but I did want to give you a glimmer of hope. Whilst we all know that the treatments work better for some than others I have a friend with liver mets who was desparately ill at the beginning of this year with an enlarged liver and very little liver function. But she persisited with cheomo sometimes when the oncologist had suggested enough was enough and is now so much better that she has cruised the mediterannean and is as we speak again away so I cannot obtain the name of the cheomo she is on. But she is living life to the full in between her cheoo sessions which seem to be reducing the tumours and keeping her stable. So there is always hope. With my very best wishes Jackie

Thanks for the replies Mrs. Blue and Porkie.
I think the oncologists definitely favour the Paclitaxol, so my OH will go with that. I am glad to hear that there is someone who has survived an enlarged liver and I hope my partner can also.

Hello again Jack.
Just to clarify, at the moment I’m on a newish chemo that is only given to patients who have had two or more different chemo courses, so would not be suitable for your OH.
Whatever happens, you are always welcome to come back and post on here - we will do our best to offer support, that’s what this Forum is for!
Best wishes and thoughts.