Epi- Runny eyes and nose?

Hi Ladies

Well I am getting so fed up with this drippy nose, not so much when I am at home but when I am out. Now I do suffer from hayfever but think its too early for me and that one so I was wondering whether this is to do with the Epi I am having as part of my chemo. Ohh yes I also get runny eyes very sensitive to light…anyone else had this?? Right of for another tissue…!!! I still have eyelashes in case anyone says it due to lack off.!!

Many Thanks


Hi Paula, I have the same problem as you. My nose keeps running and very sensitive eyes. Very annoying it is too. I had my third epi last Monday. The problem has got worse as I have had more epis. I have my eyelashes left. Hoping it will go after last epi. Cannot wait.

Rach xxx

am having horrible itchy, watery eyes…so I feel for you
but am on AC (am on 3 of 4)
and no lashes…well a tinsy thinned out few…

Suggest you call your doctor…or whoever…and get some drops. They help enormously. However, doesnt do i t all.
Checked with my BCN and she gave me a few names of anti-allergy meds; found one in a local drug store which is only 1x every 24 hours. It is working nicely…although I haven’t been out much today.

good luck!!!


Thanks Ladies…I did have some eye drops from GP for crusty eyes…nice huh !!

Rach…sorry but nice to know someone else is the same…another thing I am getting these last few days is sort of acid burn in the throat when I eat certain foods…pls tell me this is part of the Epi also??? !! I am so looking forward to my last one on Thursday.!!


yep, me too. I attribute the drippy nose to having lost the hair inside my nostrils so there is nothing to catch it giving me time to find a kleenex. nice. My eyes have not been runny it is more like the goo that collects in your eyes when you’ve slept well LOL. Not so bad for me to require drops but I definitely noticed it not long after my 3rd FEC on monday although as the week’s worn on it improved and now it’s ok.

Just been for a Mexican meal and I cannot resist the jalepeno peppers, thankfully I still have my taste and enjoyment for this type of food but bloody hell it made my nose run as spicy food will do and I had to steal a napkin off the next table.

Paula - the acid burn is indeed part of it, my oncologist said it was Ok to take gaviscon or whatever you’d have for those symptoms if they were not linked to chemo. Good luck for thurs xxx

hi Paula,
I’ve been told that epi can cause heartburn, so probably that. maybe just avoid those foods for now. I’ve been given Lansoprazole for it this time.( had it for two days when steroids finished). Still, only one more to go. yipee for you! Hope sinus problem doesn’t recur again, bless you.
best wishes,

Hi Clarabel and Ann

Such nice things we have on this huh…!!! so even though its been 1 week + since my last Epi I would still get this acid burn in throat???I don’t have indigestion/heart burn just this burn in throat and at times a huge burp…!! woo hooo such a lady !!

Thanks hun…


Hi all

My eyes are definitely more moist and sensitive at the moment. I’ve seen a few eyelashes fall out but I still have plenty! So far I’ve not had any problem with a dripping nose.

I’ve had terrible problems with acid (I suffer from this anyway - no, I have no serious condition) so like Anna was given some Lansoprazole. Wow! What a difference that made. I can now eat anything without worrying. I intend to demand more of these tablets until my stomach lining is okay again … or at least until the last traces of Epi are out of my system!

I want this to end!!

Gill x

Oh yes, the other regular side effect for me is mouth sores … ulcers on the tongue. I get them during the second week every cycle. So I’ve been given Difflam from the hospital and am swishing it round the mouth regularly! I’d like to crack this one for this cycle!!

Hi Gill

You poor love with the mouth ulcers. I have( touch wood )been ok but just got this acid. I too suffered more this last Epi it took me a whole week to really feel back to "normal " so roll on this last one…!!! Not long now for us 3…yahooo will be in order I reckon.!!

Will email you soon…take care

P xx

As a cautionary measure, it might be a good idea to talk to your doctors or BCN about your eyes.
I have found out that what I thought was an allergy is, in fact, a bacterial infection.
No amount of drops, or antihistamines will make that go away.


Hi Paula

How I feel for you and others with this problem! I suffered dreadfully with runny eyes and a dripping nose throughout chemo (4 EC/4 Tax). I finished chemo Aug 07 and I still have the dripping nose which is very sore this week but I think this is a side effect of the Herceptin and Letrozole which I have. The eye problem is horrible and can be embarrassing. I couldn’t see properly to read or do anything that involved bending my head over otherwise a large tear would just drop out of my eye onto the ground. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to tell people that what they’ve said hasn’t upset me and that I’m not crying and that my eyes are running because it’s a side effect of the chemo. My onc said it would clear up of its own accord and was reluctant to give me anything. It eventually stopped over the course of a weekend about 6 weeks after finishing chemo. It stopped as quickly as it had started and the relief was immense. My eyes are still very sensitive to bright light and I wear sunglasses in the car whether it is sunny or not in order to reduce the glare which makes my eyes feel gritty and sore. I think I have kept Kleenex Balm tissues in production since March 07! Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Jibby x

Good luck tomorrow Paula … last one!!

Thanks Ladies

I know actually have 2 red patches on each eyelids so will ask tomorrow if there is any reason for this with chemo.!!plus started hayfever again…yahoooooo more liquid from eyes and nose.!!

Thanks Gill I dread it as I know how yuk I feel after but am so looking forward to this last one. Yours next week isn’t it? and Rachy7?

P xx

Oh you poor thing regards your eyes Paula. I hope you’re given something to help you when you go to the hospital tomorrow.

Almost at the end … so we hang on in there together!!

Hey Rach … how are you?

Hi ladies, feeling ok now. Seems to be a pattern for me 8 days of fog and feeling bad then ok. Eyes and nose v runny today. Counting down to last epi - Monday at 11.30am …

Rach xxx

Good to hear from you Rach! It took me 8 days this time also.

My last epi is at 3pm on Monday … bring it on and get it over with!

Gill xx

At least this time we know it is the last time we have to feel like this after epi !!! I think my redcell count is low as v tired this time. White cells and neutrafils v good as have gscf injection day after chemo. Celebrations on Monday night for us. A cyber toast us on last epis

Rach xx

I’m noticing more tiredness this time - my osteopath is seeing a huge difference in me and is now giving me cranial osteopathy to help me manage.

We’ll have to start a new cyber toast thread … lots of bubbles required!!!

Take care

Gill xx