Hopefully it’s ok to post here. I had mx 8 years ago. I was issued with a prosthesis and never was comfortable with it. I didn’t want a reconstruction. my 5 little grandsons found my silicone chicken fillet whilst camping at Flamingo land,  they had a jollygood game of catch with it. After a few kicks, nana caught them aka ME. Well you can guess the rest. Luckily 2 close friends had started knitting and crocheting for knitted knockers. These are alternatives to the silicone ones. They are mowed under with orders and have just received charity status. They have been shortlisted at epicawards so please can members of this forum take time to vote for them These ladies post these boobs at a cost of £2.80 royal mail will not reduce the postage. They do not charge for the knockers. Cotton is always appreciated as well as knitters 

/crocheters.thank you. Good luck everyone xxxEileen

I think this was mentioned elsewhere - at least, I read a post about the award yesterday and added by vote and this is the only forum where I could have seen it. I went to their Facebook site and ticked ‘follow’ - if you want to do this make sure it is Knitted Knockers UK you search for as there is one based in the States.