Epirubicin on its own?


Am about to start Epirubicin next week for brain mets and liver spread.

Anyone experience this chemo on its own?


Zippy x

Hi zippy,

I had epirubicin back in 2007,part of a trial, I faired quite well with it, although I lost my hair, luckily I wasn’t sick just had nausea. Hopefully you will deal with it just as well.

Good luck


I, too, had epi as part of a trial in 2008, and it wasn’t pleasant. I was on a 2 weekly cycle, which didn’t help, but had just about every side effect there was.

Having said that, not everyone reacts the same way, do they. It’s an individual experience. So take it as it comes and I hope that whilst you have few side effects, it is also effective for you. It’s a strong drug.

Take care

Hi Zippy,

I had 4 epi and then 4 cmf, I found epi alot easier, no sickness just tired for first week, and strange taste.
Hope you get on ok with it.
Sue x

Thanku for ur emails. Delayed a week as I collapsed hoping start tomorrow x

Hi Zippy, sorry to hear about your collapse, I hope you’re doing well enough now to have your treatment.

In 2009-10 I had 6xEC (epirubicin and cyclophosphamide) - not sure if this is what you mean by “on its own”? There will probably be some posts about EC on here somewhere, but for what it’s worth, my own experience of EC was good. Yes I lost my hair, also eyebrows and eyelashes by about cycle 5, and yes I took my anti-nausea meds and steroids… but I found I was OK after the first 2-3 days of each cycle.
When you have the IV epirubicin, a nurse should be with you all the time in case of reactions (at least that is what I was told). It helped if the arm was kept warm with a heat pad.
Watch out for red wee as the epirubicin goes through :wink:

I have liver mets but not brain mets, by the way. Hoping the treatment gives good results for you and that you have all other support you need.


I had 4 cycles of EPI and 4 CMF in 2007. It wasnt very pleasant, but got through it reasonably well. Lost all my hair, and felt a bit nauseous, was only actually sick 3 times, got good sickness meds. I think it was called odansetron melts. Looking back it wasnt as bad as I thought.

Good Luck and Take care

Carolyn x

Hi Zippy,
sorry you’re not doing so well.
I had Epirubicin. I personally didn’t have too good a time with it going in (now know I’m very allergic to the stuff they clean you with before they put the needle in!) but managed fine apart from tiredness.

I had the infusion Thursday and was back at work on Tuesday. I’m self employed so had no choice re the work but I did manage ok.

Started to lose my hair very quickly from day 14 so shaved it off when I got to day 17.

Wish you all the luck in the world.

Katie x x x

i had 4 epi followed by 4 cmf in 2009… lost all my hair, had strage taste, no sickness but nausea and loss of appetite on the epi felt crap for start of first week then better for second week then a bit crappy for end of 3rd week… so my ‘low’ week was when i felt good… when i felt crap i felt pretty rubbish but when i felt good i was great… found it better than the cmf cos i didnt get a good week on it.

hope you have recovered from your collapse

Lulu x