ER- and Chemotherapy

ER- and Chemotherapy

ER- and Chemotherapy Hi all,

I was sent this link to new study results on chemotherapy benefits for ER- bc from Living Beyond Breast Cancer:

Makes me feel better about having gone through chemo, being ER & PR negative myself.


Mixed reaction This isn’t the first thing to come out about er- benefitting from chemo.

I do, wish, however, since they had left her2 neu out of it because the study doesn’t seem to have evaluated this (indeed they couldn’t have because herceptin for early breast cancer is so new and the trials on giving women just herceptin are too primarily) and there is actually evidence that certain chemos probably do make a difference for her2, notably FEC, taxanes, and taxane-herceptin chemotherapy.

It was probably just a throw-away comment, but it could give people the wrong idea.

Thanks Sue I read this and it makes me feel a lot happier about having gone through chemo too!

Tasha x