ER positive liver mets options?


im wondering if anyone can advise on treatments for liver mets that have worked even for a short period? also anyone had radiothrepy for liver mets? im ER and PR positive HER2 neg. thanks

Hi,Danica,if hormone treatment works for you and you haven’t used them all up your onc may use one on them. Or it may be chemo.
Sorry I can’t be much help but hopefully a liver met lady will be along soon to give you advice.
Huge hugs,Helen xx

Hi Danika, 

I have lung liver and spinal Mets also er pos or pos and her 2 neg. Liver Mets discovered last Dec after 15 months taking evorilmus/exemestane which kept lung Mets stable during this time. (Lung Mets since 2011)

Anyway started taxotere in Jan 2014 and

 scan halfway through tax showed good results on shrinking liver tumours,bones healing, lungs still stable or improved. Just had last taxotere on Thursday and onc is confident that tx is still working so in three weeks I will start Arimidex which is an aromatase inhibitor. He will rescan me three weeks later and see how things are going. It will be great if I can stay on hormone treatment for a while but I do feel that my aggressive tx has been worth it and after the first few days of my 3 weekly cycles I haven’t been too bad.

Not everyone has chemo when DX with liver Mets and hopefully someone will post with their experience.

Take care and good luck with treatment. Love Sheila. Xx


Hi Danica, I was diagnosed with liver, lung and spine mets too. I had six doses of Taxotere which shrank my liver tumours and kept the lung tumours stable. I am now on Letrozole and will find out at my next scan if it is working. They can’t tell until 12 weeks so fingers crossed

Jane xx