ER+ PR - Anyone else like me?

Most people seem to be either double neg or double positive and there is bugger all info on being er+ pr- My onc is getting grilled next time I see her but when i mentioned it before looked at me blankly…

Anyone the same as me and anyone got any info?

Hi LiF,

I’m weakly ER+ 2/8, but that’s all. So get to have the Arimidex, but it’s only 25% effective for me. If I have lots of side effects I’ll be having discussions with my onc re benefits of continuing.

No info tho’ - didn’t realise most people were both or neither.
How is the herceptin going - are you having any SEs?

I am!

I’m ER+6/8, PR- HER- . I haven’t been able to find out exactly what it means either. All the articles I’ve read just seem to lump them together. The only reference I’ve found was that it’s more common in post-menopausal women and uncommon in under 50’s (which BC is anyway), but I’m 45 and was most definitely not menopausal before starting treatment. I can’t remember where I found that comment and probably couldn’t find it again!

I was DX on 15th December 2010 with IDC (28mm), stage 3a, grade 3 with 6/12 nodes affected. I had WLE & ANC on Christmas Eve. I’ve had 3xFEC and 1xTax - two more Tax to go then I’ll be on Tamoxifen.

I’m seeing my onc a week today so will ask her about it then.


I’m post menopausal so that explains me. Good luck with your remaining TAX - hope you don’t suffer too much.

Stella xx

ER +ve and PR -ve is very common… im based in the largest breast unit in the uk and in my health board they do not routinely check the PR as its only really felt to be relevant if the ER was negative or very low in which case they would check it but if you were ER positive then you would be suitable for hormone therapy which is the main reason for finding out what your hormone levels are… ie to help determine treatment… treatment would generally be the same if you were ER 8 and PR 0 as it would for PR 8 and ER 0 or anything in between…only when you are triple negative or hormone poor would you not normally be recommend to have hormone therapy.

i am ER 7/8 PR ?? her2 -ve for 1st cancer and ER 0 PR 0 her 2 0 for 2nd one

ER positive with or without PR positive is much more common the PR pos ER neg which is pretty unusual with only about 5% of all breast cancers being in this group.

ER+/PR+ responds best to hormonal treatments, but some ER/PR poor eg ER3/PR3 may still have some benefit from hormonal treatment, but generally the more hormones then the more benefit.


Hi All,
I’m also ER+ 8/8 and HER- but not sure about PR. Is this something one should know? 40 when diagnosed and pre menopausal before chemenopause. The score is how receptive to Estrogen the tumour is. The higher the score, the more estrogen dependent and I would think, the stronger the case for hormone therapy. I had a chat with the BCC nurse here after I got a copy of my histology report. She was very helpful and explained every detail. It is worth chatting to them if there are things you are not clear about. My breast consultant has gone through the histology post surgery as there was a lot more detail but the initial info at dx was a bit overwhelming and it was useful to talk it through with someone on the phone at a later date without other issues on the table.

Thanks chaps…just checking if its ok to use progesterone cream…

Hi LiF,

Can’t answer your question directly but I am e+ 8/8, p+ 8/8 and was told to get rid of my Mirena coil and to avoid using any hormones topical or otherwise.

As the Mirena coil is about p not e and some people seem to have been told that it is OK to leave this in, I suppose they are differentiating on my p+ status. If you are p- you may well be OK with topical progesterone but I would think it is still worth checking with a BCN or onc first?

there has been recent research which has shown that mirena is safe even in those with hormone positive breast cancer if it was put in after diagnosis, but the recommendations are to have it removed if you had it in prior to diagnosis.

as for hormone creams these are usually fine as they are topical and not absorbed systemically so have no effect on the rest of the body.


Mine was pre dx and onc definitely told me to take it out x

Thanks Lulu34 yep topical cream is what I’m using and its wicked stuff…I feel great as its improved the ses from the tamoxifen…I will discuss with my onc when i next see her, doubt she will approve but hey its my life…

Hi lif I Used to use oestrogen cream and my gp stopped it cos i was Er+ve 8/8

there have been studies but no big RCTs that i know of…

"The study group comprised 1472 women with histologically confirmed breast cancer. In 69 of these subjects (4.7%) their only bothersome menopausal problems were vaginal symptoms. In these women, poorly absorbed topical vaginal estrogen cream or tablets were used.

Conclusions: Although the small numbers of this study preclude a definitive result, topical estrogen usage does not appear to be associated with an increased risk of recurrence of breast cancer."

more recent studies have suggested that very often women will opt for oestrogen treatment otherwise they would give up on their hormonal anti cancer treatment… but the ant cancer treatment prevents more cancers than hormone treatment causes.

there are some RCTs underway comparing the use of treatment like vagifem in patiants taking AIs… will see if i can find any more info when im more awake.