Eribulin chemo

Hi everyone. In 2007 was diagnosed breast cancer 1.9 and no lymph node involvement . All was fine until 2013 when I was diagnosed with secondaries in liver and bones, with thickening in abdomen, fluid on lungs and swollen lymph in chest. Started tablet form chemo this did not work so had taxol which reduced my tumour by more then half I have not had any pain with the bone cancer and have a injection every 4 weeks ( sorry can’t remember it’s name but starts with d). Went on letrozole after chemo and this kept it at bay for 8 months . Unfortunate it has stopped working and now going on another chemo eribulin (halaven) has anyone had this chemo and how did they get on with it. Many thanks xx

There’s a long thread on the Treatments and Medical Issues board here.