Hi, just joined yesterday. Started eribulin chemo last week. Second session this thursday. Two weeks on one week off. Could anyone let me know how they get on with it, also any treatment options after this stops working.

Many thanks. 

Hi! I started Eribulin 14 dec 2018 and started day 1 cycle 25 yesterday. It is my 4th chemo and I haven’t asked what other treatment options are available when it too fails as we all know it will one day but I also know from this site that there are still some further treatment options available. I have liver and bone mets de novo. I haven’t had any bad side effects with it and it is a quick IV chemo which helps. My hair has thinned a lot but I still have some but no eyebrows or eyelashes. The scans show it is keeping me stable, little or no reduction apart from the 1st scan but I have to be happy with that.

It is though a bit depressing to reply to a post under the end of life section. I’ve lived with it for over 61/2 years now and fully intend to live with it for much longer!  Good luck with it! Sian

Hi topofistral

You may want to ask the moderators to move this thread to either the Treatments section or Living with SBC section. Not many people visit this End of Life section to read posts. There are a couple of threads already about Eribulin, one quite new and the other goes back several years and has lots of experiences from ladies who have been on it or are on it which may help with any questions you have.

Nicky x