Hi Everyone


I have posted on here a number of times now. I had a mastectomy in August last year, radiotherapy ended late November and I have been put into the menopause with hormone treatment with letrozole and zoladex. I am still waiting for my first bisphosphanate infusion too. 

I have been paid in full for 6 months but have a meeting with hr next week. I think it is because ssp will be ending. I was wondering if I can claim Esa? I am really struggling emotionally and with fatigue, as well as the side effects of the hormone treatment. I know I am not ready to go back to work yet. I just really need some advice as I am worrying about the meeting xx

hi yes you can claim els you can claim though the job centre or ring cancer support centre and speak to the benefit office they will give you all the information you need 

how did u get on I was on full esa and had a meeting and they put me in a different group and my money dropped over £50. a week . that was as nightmare. 

hope you faired better than me 

Hi yes you can ring cancer support and ask for the  benefits officer see if you can also claim PIP personal Independence payment A’s well