euphoric news.....

I have just had the results after my lymph node removal. Clinically and patholigically clear and in full remission. Go away and enjoy life. lol. May not have to have the rads even. Still finishing Herceptin. I hope my ecstatic news gives you all hope.

:o) x


Absolutely thrilled for you:)

Enjoy to the max!



Thats great! Enjoy the euphoria.


Wonderful news, so pleased for you.

finty xx

woo hoo hatty thats fantastic x

thank you all so much but deep deep down im hoping and wishing the same for all of you. xxxxxxxxx

Absolutely thrilled for you !
Esbee x

Brilliant, well done you

FANTASTIC news. you go girl xxx


Get the bubbly stuff open!!

duplicate post

Euphoric is an understatement!!! xxxxxx

wonderful news - thanks for sharing

Lovely to read your post Hatty. Great news indeed. Hugs Val

Lovely news; thank you for sharing x

Brilliant news!


Fabulous news! Well done you. You can now go and enjoy the dogs, puppies and horses!!!

Jill x

Great news Hattie, Best Wishes xxx