ever felt stupid!!!!!!

Just got back from docs. He wanted to examine me and when I got undressesd I was absoloutley freezing. I couldn’t believe it cos my nipple popped out. It’s been inverted since saturday. He said that if there was any cancer the nipple would not be able to do that. He’s put my ache down to pulled muscle and said not to feel I wasted his time, it’s better to be safe than sorry.Thanks Tina46 for your advice and good luck to everyone on this site.X

Brilliant news. Very very pleased for you. Doc is absolutely right. If anything feels dodgy again make sure you get it checked out

Lovely, lovely news, don’t feel stupid, it’s just so very nice to hear your good news! take care xx

Great news! We all like that kind of stupid… and anyway you weren’t stupid, you did absolutely the correct thing getting it checked out.

Hopefully you won’t ever have that anxiety again, but if it does, make sure you get checked out.

Hi, I’m also pleased you got good news but please keep an eye on this, why was it inverted in the first place? If it comes back and if the ache doesn’t go away then go back. If you have pulled a muscle then an anti inflam tablet should take it away. I just want you to be aware, xx

Thankyou gordok1. just checked and its inverted even now. Going to do a bit of research on the internet.x

Hi B50,

I had an inverted nipple on and off 6 years ago. It wasnt inverted when i went to the docs in april, so i said i would wait for my regular mammogram that was coming up soon. By the time i had my mammogram in june, the nipple was permanently inverted. I was diagnosed with bc in july and had a mastectomy. I had one lymph node infected so had to have chemo.

Your case could be completely different, but i would urge you to go back to hosp and have proper tests. I may have avoided chemo if i had gone earlier, who knows?

Good luck,
Rosie x

In answer to your question… yes often!