Ever had one of those "I really really love you" moments?

Just a little thread to let people know I haven’t thrown myself off the nearest bridge, and also to let others know that under the influence of the expansiveness of a teensy weensy tiddly bit of alcohol I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU!

There are so many people I could aim that at, but at the moment (half past midnight on a Saturday on a weekend away) I don’t think I need to be specific.

From the people who caught me in the “rabbit in the headlights” days of diagnosis, to those who went through my dormouse “I’m so exhausted I want to sleep until Christmas 2015” days through the “I’m fine, I’m really fine!!!” (but I wasn’t) days through to today’s “well who knows where I’m at, but you’re still here with me” days, I’d like to say thank you.

Unless you’ve been inside my head (which I hope you’ve never been subjected to) you won’t have a clue what I’m on about, but I’d just like to say thank you to every single person who has helped me through the last 18 months.

In the nicest possible way I wish you’d never had a reason to know me and I’d never had a chance to know you. But given what’s happened,


and more to the point, you all deserve to be loved and appreciated for who you are. And now I’m off to find another Lemsip, and I’ll be back in normal mode on Monday.




I know what you mean. I love you and lots of other wonderful people on here that I’ve never even met (and the few I have).

Hugs to you and everyone in Bath

I know what you mean Choccie even without the aid of alcohol! I couldn’t do this a second time around without the help & support of this site & the wonderful people here. Here I laugh & cry…and it’s important to do both!

Twinky x x

Yes, I totally get this. No one can understand us like we do.

You’ve hit the nail on the head!

BC changes you physically and mentally but the one good thing is you get to “meet” some of the best women you could ever imagine!

Cheers Choccie - I’ll raise a cup of coffee to you and the rest of the girls (& guys) on here!


Yep I get it too. I meet up with a little bunch of ladies I met through BCC, and another group that I met through Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary in Shere (which I believe is in your neck of the woods Choccie), and if I’d had one over the eight I might well say that (although I probably wouldn’t remember saying it). It’s so lovely to be with people where you can be completely open, say whatever is on your mind, and know that we genuinly care about each other.

awww CM - and a big thank you to you too…
The advice you give is fab…

Oh and i second the booze - i had some last night - although i ended up with a hangover on half a bottle of wine. Whats THAT all about!
I’m now officially a lightweight! :slight_smile:



Cheers Choccie - I know exactly what you mean from Mrs.Tee - aka Slendablenda. Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi CM,
Big hug, we are all here for eachother. You are one of the first ladies I came accross on this site, when I came back after my secondary diagnosis. You and a few others have helped me so much, you don’t even know how much. So thank you to you and so glad I got to meet you in person.

I’ll be raising a glass or 3 to you and everyone else … when these flipping SEs subside after Dose No. 3!


Thanks CM -pleased to hear you are on the bridge and not over it! Your posts have been a big help to me and it has been a priviledge to meet you.
Love and Hugs - Diana x

Coming right back at you chocciedrop - I understand everything you said and I feel it too although I dont comment on lots of stuff on here I read everything and you have made me laugh out loud on occasions !!

Hugs xxx

What a lovely post CM, i have come across a few of your posts and they have been helpful/informative or made me laugh so thank you x

yep I love the wonderful ladies on here too!!! They are amazing taking time to give advice or just to be there and supportive so yes I love them! Em xxx

Wish I’d helped you Choccie.(don’t post much) You do such a lovely thank you! :slight_smile:

Bought tears to my eyes!!!
Thank you CM, and thank you everyone else for always being there.
Sadie Xx Xx

Yamslass , you HAVE helped me. And others too.

Had a lovely weekend with 13 other ladies who originally met on BCC. So despite the stinking cold, a voice that went west and a faint in the spa that got me an ambulance ride, I’m a very happy choccie. Note to self: don’t change meds just before going away, particularly if the new ones have uneven heart rhythms as a possible side effect… scared the medics!

Fine now but it was a teensy bit worrying.

Love and kisses



Keep the posts coming hun, the one thing which has helped me over the last couple of years is to exercise the old giggle glands (about all that did get exercised at times!) and you have been a motivational advocate of that pratice.

To all the ladies, take care and keep laughing at any nasty things or people you might encounter along the way it might not always make them go away but it does lessen them and some of the fears somewhat. Thats what my mum always told me to do with bullies and this disease is one of the worst bullies about (and I did listen some of the time mum x)


Feeling the love CM and sending it back to you with lots of hugs, that goes for everyone else, thank god for all you ladies who have inspired and encouraged.
As always Love and light to all
Sarahlouise xx

Hello CM

As ever you are an inspiration and a good laugh to a lot of us on this side. Sending you all my love from a very snowy North-East Scotland.

A hug to all of you ladies from

Alanaa and Fat Cat xx

(If you ever feel the need to have a trip to Scotland pm me and there will be a warm welcome and a bed for you at my little cottage)