It is so difficult to write this.
Last night I received a call from Mick to say that Lorraine had died.

Some of you will have known Lorraine from the thread - Darling buddies from May - moving on.
Others may have met her back in early 2008 when she was first diagnosed.

As her username suggests, she approached every day as a new day, a day in which to live and create memories.
She had a strong Christian faith which shone through even in the darkest times,of which there were many.

I will miss her love of life and of others, her encouragement and wisdom.
Until we meet again Lorraine,

I will not cloud today, with tomorrow’s worries.

I am so sad at this news. I often read her comments and was always struck by her determination to enjoy herself. I loved to hear what she was knitting.

So sorry. Debx

Just wanted to pass on sincere condolences from everyone at Breast Cancer Care to Lorraine’s family and friends at this very sad time.

Best wishes.


Oh no, awful news. Lorraines positive apeoach to enjoying life came through her posts and helped me after I was dx in march. My heart goes out to her family and friends, including her cyber buddies on this site.


I’m so very sorry to read this sad news. I read the darling buddies thread just to catch up with news of Lorraine. Her faith, her cheerfulness despite all that this disease can bring will be how I remember her. An inspirational lady.
Rest in Peace Lorraine, God bless, Belinda…xx

So sorry to read this… my thoughts are with her family and friends.

I am also very sorry to hear this. I looked forward to reading her posts and would have liked to have met her.

R.I.P. Lorraine…

Julie x

So sad to read this,
My thoughts are with lorraine’s family and friend’s

R.I.P Lorraine,God bless X


you will never be forgotten for so many reasons its hard to start, you still are a true insipriation, you lived life to the full and achieved so much in the last 12 months, will miss your humour and cant get madge from benidorm outa my head after some of our discussions. Hope you are at peace and thinking of your family.

You won’t be forgotten by your darling buddies, everyday does matter you made this true everyday for all of us.

Love always
Lisa xxxxxx

So sorry to read this. My thoughts are with her friends and family and to all the Darling Buddies of May. May she Rest in Peace.


This is such sad news, Lorraine was a lovely lady to know through these forums and, as her name suggests, did make every day matter. She will be sorely missed by all of us ‘buddies’ as well as everyone else who she wrote kind words and messages full of hope - even when she was not feeling well herself. Her little ‘soundbites’ and the way she wanted to hear all of our news are something I won’t forget. My thoughts are with her husband and boys at this awful time.
Rest in Peace our lovely Lorraine
Nicky xxxx

i never had the privilege of having contact with Lorraine, but she sounds amazing, and has influenced many of you all.

just wanted to give my thoughts to her family and friends xx

I’m so sad to read this news, and shocked as well as Lorraine has always been such a trooper, with many battles to fight and always before she has bounced back, but it wasn’t to be this time, so sad.

Lorraine, you have found peace at last, no more pain and suffering.

Condolences to Lorraine’s family, she truly loved you all and meant so much to her.

Condolences to all of Lorraine’s family and friends her warmth touched so many.

I often read her posts and she was such a selfless person, thinking of others despite her problems. She had such a zest for life and I’m truly sorry that she has gone. It is shocking that BC has claimed another life and I can only give her family my heartfelt condolences.

Sleep well and peacefully Lorraine.

Mal x

So sad to hear this, special thoughts to family and friends, RIP


I’m so very sorry and sad to hear this and to all of everydaymatters’ friends and family my thoughts are with you all.
Ruby xxxx

I’m so very sad to hear this news. Lorraine and I exchanged personal messages at a time that she was frustrated at the care of our local hospital. I will always remember her kind and generous nature. Rest in peace Lorraine. My thoughts are with your husband and children. x

Dearest Lorraine,
my buddy online for so long and will be so sadly missed. I will probably never meet such a kind and generous spirit and regret not knowing you sooner in my life. In your worst hour, just telling others to go out and have fun, to do things for you and to never once say it was not fair. My friend you accepted your fate graciously, never wavering with your faith and I trust this will help your husband and boys to cope in the coming days without you. Heaven will be a brighter place with you there.
Sweet dreams and keep knitting
Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Im realy sad to hear this news, my thoughts are with Lorraines family and friends at this very sad time.

Rest in Peace Lorraine, God Bless x