Exactly 3 years on & life is good, if different !!

Hi to all those who ‘know’ me and welcome to all the newer ladies on here.

Exactly 3 years ago today I was diagnosed with advanced bc and spread to bones and lymph. I never thought I would be around posting on here then ! Had chemo first, then mx and anc, then rads and been on maintenance treatment since then. So far, everything appears stable.

I can’t believe time has passed so quickly and things have changed sooo much but I’ve adapted to my new lifestyle and am loving it, taking things as they come and really making the most of doing stuff while I’m well enough. Some old friends have vanished but new ones have appeared and they have seen me through the less good times.

I’m also so very grateful to the medical team looking after me for getting me this far and always being friendly and helpful - never once have they been condescending or frightening.

Just wanted to share my sense of achievement at getting this far and hope it gives encouragement to those starting their treatments.

Good luck to everyone !!!


thanks for your post, it has cheered me up



Liz I know that you really supported me when I ‘joined’ this forum 3 months ago. Sharing your good news is really good for all of us, so thanks! It’s really great to hear how positive you are and for those of us just beginning with secondaries it is great to hear that life can stay good, while ‘living’ with cancer.

Here’s to the next 3 years! (and I hope to be here too in July 2013, repeating the same!)

Take care

Nicola xx

Hi Liz, For all the ladies who come on here when first diagnosed and are terrified, as l was! and still am! It is fantastic to see your post, you have come a long way, and l hope you continue to do so.
Thank you for sharing your achievement, and yes it does give hope and encouragement to others
Wishing you the very best of everything
Love and Hugs
Sandra xxx

Liz Well done and thanks for sharing your story.It is so heartening to read positive encouraging posts.It has cheered me up no end. Many Thanks again Jackie

Hello Liz,
Congratulations on your three years. It’s so good to hear news like your’s as we are all very scared when first dx. It’s a pleasure to know that you are doing so well.

Best Wishes

Isabelle xxx

Hi Liz…well here’s to the next 3 years…and many more besides. :slight_smile:
I’m amazed, surprised and very happy to still be here and feel so well seven years on. Take Care…x.x.x

What a lovely post Liz (and Belinda). Much needed at the moment I think. You have both been so kind and supportive to me and many others xxxxxxxxxxxx


thanks for the encouragement.

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for your kind replies - I perhaps should have also originally added that my mum is still fine 8 years after diagnosis and my auntie lived very well for 20 years before she sadly passed away from a different illness.Although neither had secondaries, their experiences have always given me hope and strength.

Yes, there have been some less than brilliant times but they pass and are do-able.

Julie - missed you on chat this week but hope you will be on next week and are keeping your spirits up xxxx

Belinda - I’ve always appreciated your replies and posts of support so thank you and may it continue for a very, very long time ! xx

Nicky - it’s been good to ‘compare’ notes. Fingers, toes etc everything goes/has gone ok at your appointment today xxx

Have a good weekend everyone. It’s raining here in the north-west but not enough to stop the hospipe ban starting today…but summer is coming next week allegedly !!!

Liz x

Hi Liz

The results of the bone biopsy confirmed that it was same cancer as the Primary in 2006 (highly oestrogen positive) so should respond to the femara (fingers crossed!) The consultant also said that she was reluctant to do the hip replacement yet, as it will affect the quality of my life and leave me with a limp. I am to contact her as soon as it starts to get painful and they will schedule it for as soon as possible, after that. She has said that I don’t need radiotherapy yet, as that is mainly for pain relief and when it starts to hurt, the hip replacement is a better option – to remove the whole area, then mop-up with radiotherapy. I am going back for a bone scan there in 6 weeks to see if it has been contained.

The orthopaedic consultant also reminded me that I am at high risk of fracturing my hip and when/if I do, I have to go straight to hospital in Oswestry rather than the local hospital to be treated. I have to avoid jumping/jogging activities or activities that would put stress on my hip.

I have just had a phone consultation with the oncologist. He offered me an appt over the phone as he is in Liverpool this afternoon and as I had been down to Oswestry this morning, it would have been a lot of travelling. He is going to start me on the Zometa in the next couple of weeks.

This now means that I can start making plans for the Summer! I replied to the ‘Sail4cancer’ charity about a family fun sailing day for the 3 of us at the end of July. Also we can hopefully take my best friend up on her really kind offer of a week in the South of France with her family. The villa they have rented looked too good, so I have tried not to think about it in case I got too excited and couldn’t go…so now time to get excited big time!

I hope that you are still feeling good!

Take care and enjoy your weekend


Nicola, I met you on the other site.
Good to hear your news and know that you can make holiday plans and treats for this summer and the near future.
You must be so excited…

Great fun…

Welsh girl x

Lizcat A BIG THANK YOU. We need women like you to help us through.

Nicola - go and have the most fab summer !!! I’m so very gald you sort of got the result you were hoping for and I’m sure it will be ‘good’ (if you see what I mean) to know that the bone cancer is the same as the original and so hopefully femara will work well. The longer you can put the new hip off the better, eh??! Any queries re zometa, just shout. My next one is in 2 weeks and that will be 2 yrs worth of it.

I’ll leave you to your sailing thing as I get so very seasick - you’d think I would be fine living by the sea, wouldn’t you? - but the South of France sounds wonderful. Not been in donkeys years but it was gorgeous. Enjoying watching the Tour de France at the mo. It’s my summer tv viewing - love the scenery which may also include men with large thighs in tight lycra…Which part are you off to?

Speak to you on live chat. Enjoy planning your summer over the weekend!

Liz xxx

Thank you Liz, a lovely post.

An achievement for you and hope for others.

Keep on enjoying yourself and thanks for all the support you give on this forum, its appreciated.

Paula x

Congratulations Liz, and thank you for sharing how good your life is. It does lift the spirit to hear of people still managing to enjoy life.

I remember you being around the site when I was first diagnosed in March 09. I’m very lucky despite my initially poor outlook to be apparently cancer free at the moment thanks to the great treatment I’ve had. (Despite all it’s problems I thank God every day for the NHS.) I’m a bit frayed round the edges still, but get stronger every day.

Long may it continue for you. Jan xx

Thank you so much for that post Liz it is so good to hear. You have made my day.

Anne x x

Another Thank You Liz - I’ve been told I’ve a ‘poor prognosis’ since having 15/20 nodes affected (dx Mar 09) so to hear stories like yours really helps! Hopefully we’ll both be around in another 3 years to be posting!!