Excuse me while I throw a wobbly


Please bear with me, I am usually up beat but I have just got over an over-indulgent hissy fit.
Cutting a long story short I have just put pen to paper and written to my oncologist over a series of c***k ups regarding my treatment, six A4 sides should do it.

Today I went for chemo treatment, Taxotere, the first of my second regime of these nasty chemicals. After the usual delay of over an hour I was shown to the seat and the nurse asked if I had taken my Dexamethasone tablets. I didn’t know what the heck she was going on about. Apparently I was supposed to have had these yesterday in preparation for the treatment. My onc had forgotten to arrange the prescription so I was none the wiser. Well of course the treatment was cancelled. This was the straw that broke the camels back.

Mondays treatment had cancelled too because they didn’t get their act together by arranging for the portacath I need to be fitted. I won’t bore you with the long series of events but having the portocath fitted yesterday was a complete farce, no beds, over running times, bloods not done, no post care notes written so no recommendations for pain killers. I was in hospital for 8.30 I didn’t get out until 8.00pm for a one and a half hour procedure.

I have been so keyed up over the last couple of days ( I really should know better) , my chest and neck are very uncomfortable and I just want the chemo to begin to continue, I hope, to fight the cancer.

My poor husband didn’t know what to do with me other than to add his views when I talked to the nurse about the poor coordination of my treatment. We did apologise to her at getting it in the neck, hence me writing to the Consultants they should be held responsible after all.

Still once I posted the letter I felt much better, I even added a sarky p.s. note on the letter. I’ll explain, whilst waiting to see the onc in her consultancy room, this being one hour after a 9.15pm appointment, I had to wait for her to finish her chatty conversation about her holidays, what she was doing for Christmas and that it had been her birthday the day before. All this could be heard from the next room. The sarky note read - p.s. Happy belated birthday for the 19th, I heard your conversation whilst waiting to see you in your room. She can take it what way she wants.

Sorry folks rant over, thanks for bearing with me.

AAAAGH! in sympathy.

SOunds horrendous. I had an oncology appointment in Swansea (50 miles away) last mon and stupidly decided to go by public transport as I freak out about driving in new places. I caught a bus, train and then a taxi, waited an hour for a 1 minute appointment where i signed consent forms for chemo, then after moaning for ages about it taking me 4 hours to get there in the morning was offered ambulance transport home. Excited, I forgave all, until it took almost 3 hours before we could leave as we were waiting to pick up another patient having a pre radiotherapy tatoo (she had waited 3 hours in the tatoo queue!). I got home 2 hours later at 7pm after leaving home at 930 am. Ho hum.
Still, at least when I finally get a date for chemo to start (oncologist on holiday) it will be in a local hospital a mere 18 miles away!!

All the best and keep smiling!
Ruth xx

aaargghhh! that seems like a totally appropriate response. so sorry you are going through this - you just should not have to endure this terrible service. this is our health service - we pay for it…
hope it gets better for you soon and hugs in the meantime

Thanks ladies

Ruth, I just noticed your posting we are in the same boat!

Jo, Thank you for those words, I have just called a friend and she said the same, she told me I should have used the word ‘negligence’ in my letter. I pussyfooted around the word but I will use it if things do not improve.


Hi Carol
Yes lets keep in touch and share moans and groans (or good stuff?!)

Wobble anytime you want, thats what this sites about!

Alternate aaarrggghhh’s and hugs

Norma x

Hi cb102

I would also use the word negligence right from the start.

I really feel for you. Thankfully I didn’t encounter the sort of treatment you’ve had to put up with, it’s bad enough when it goes smoothly.

Take care,

Denio x

Hi ladies,

Yes Ruth I’ll keep in touch,

Thanks again for your kind support Norma, you always manage to keep me on level ground.

Thanks Denio, the more I have thought about it it is negligence. Another thing I didn’t mention is that I have had to do all the chasing and following up of the results of my HER2 results. I am sure they would not have been followed through by oncology, they weren’t last year, I had to complain then.
And Nottingham is supposed to have a good reputation, utter nonsense.