Exercise after treatment

Well here I am one year post diagnoses - having had a WLE, lymph node clearance, 3xFEC 3xTAX chemo, 29 rad sessions. Have felt battered and bruised but am here – happy (well most of the time ), hair is growing - although very curly but its hair, and now is the time to give a little bit of love back to me – the weight is going albeit slowing (I am still blaming the steriods even though the last course i took was November!)
So now is the time to love the new me – wear my scars with pride and to look in the mirror and say “your a tough old bird and I love ya!”
I have decided that my post cancer body will be in better shape than my pre-cancer body and so with that in mind the diet has started and I have started to build my fitness up with some walking/running and will be fundraising through a 13 mile walk later this year…
So my big question is – can I use some light weights without irritating my affected arm – have brought one of those shake a weight dumbell’s and now too scared to use it just in case I do more harm than good…
Any help with this quandry would be great – thank you
Wishing you all best wishes

Hello My 2 Boys,
Wow, well done you for taking up the exercise - that’s great not least as research suggests not only does it boost well-being but that it can also reduce the risk of recurrence.
I had Mx and immediate recon and lymph clearance, so slightly more retricted than you on my affected side. I was told never to use a weight over 1.5kg (hand weights not kettlebells) and never to lift anything over 5kg (e.g. shopping bags) on that side. Now I have to confess to lifting things that were a bit over 5kg sometimes, but never very far. I was also told to beware any very repetitive exercises and not to put my weight through the affected arm.
Really hope all goes well for you as you prepare for your walk. Last year I walked a half marathon for CRUK just four months after the end of treatment and was really chuffed with myself!

Hi. The exercise leaflets and DVDs suggest moving on to light weights with some of the exercises, which I did a few months after treatment which included axillary clearance, chemo and rads. I can’t say I’ve been as regular as I might have been, but both my arms were weak (PICC line in the other), and I think careful exercise has helped. A couple of weeks ago, I was at a talk by a nurse who runs the local lymphoedema clinic, and she said that it was important to move slowly when exercising and stretching your surgery arm. I started really low, .5 kg, and have worked up to 1 kg, with a 1.5 weight when I’m using both hands together.
Slow and steady should do it. Check the leaflets, which you can download, and even better get a copy of the exercise DVD. And then good luck with the walk.

Hi My2Boys,
I’ve just started exercising again after mx and node clearance in november. I was worried about using weights but found this article encouraging-

I think the answer is take it slowly,and listen to your body but good luck, and hope your walk goes well
Herbi x

Hiya, Thanks for your responses – i have used the shake weight and have taken things easy – l think listening to your body is a good piece of advice… I am enjoying being able to do something – and feeling a bit of normality – Thanks for your good wishes regarding the walk.