Exercise with lung mets

Hi I’m just wondering if and wat type of exercise people do with lung mets have put on a bit of weight with chemo and get a little out of breath so was thinking of trying to start but unsure where to start I’ve also got rhumatoid arthritis so have to be little careful many thanks Laura

Hi Laura

I have lung mets and I like to think that I keep very active. I walk my dogs for an hour a day every day, I swim 2k twice a week and I gym twice a week, doing 10mins on the bike, 10 mins on the crosstrainer and 10 mins jogging on the treadmill. I then do 15mins on the powerplate - I know some people say you shouldn’t, but my onc doesn’t see a problem with it. My swim session is structured (I am a triathlon coach and I coach a swim session for our club every week) and I really love it!

I have always been very active and exercised regularly when I had 4 X EC, 4 X Taxotere with my primary. I have now been on weekly vinorelbine (with no week off) since March 2011 but I enjoy exercising as it makes me feel as if I am doing my bit to keep myself as fit as possible.

If you are starting to exercise, the secret is to take your time and gradually build up what you do. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a tired day, but don’t give up! Enjoy yourself!

Hi Laura, I am in same boat and looking for an exercise too, I was told swimming is very good, I have a frozen shoulder at the moment so I’m a little restricted, my Lymphodema nurse is running ‘Lebed’ classes soon so hope to join them.Looking forward to getting some weight off !!