expander implant followed by rads. what's your experience?

I’ve got surgery on Wednesday for expander implant. Had MX and silicone implant on September but got infected so removed in December. Finished Chemo about 6 weeks ago and will have to have rads once wound is healed. Onc not too happy as he only wanted 4-6 weeks between Chemo and rads and its going to be more like 10-12!

Anyone with similar experience, im anxious about more infection.

It’s just as well you has the silicone implant taken out as they can become damaged during rads! I had 2 expander implants in during rads and both survived!

Hi EVs, I’m still in hospital as still a lot of fluid in the drain. Last time I had a big problem with the day drains de-vaccuuming and them fluid build up so surgeon is keeping a close eye.

Glad you’re doing well and not in too much pain. Make sure you do your exercises so that you don’t stiffen up.

I am so bloated I look 7 months pregnant. Drinking loads, eating fruit and taking laxido but no effect yet!

Good luck with your results next week. Take it easy x