expander implant -odd shape

Hi Guys, not posted for a while but really feeling a bit down at minute. Wont go into my history but you can all check it out on profile if need be -
I had my expander implant fitted May 08 and had it expanded until July - it was very large, round and too big. Surgeon then released a bit of fluid afore my holiday Mid July - It felt much better and I’ve got my head around it being there, but it just not the right shape. My oncologist described it as ‘just a bra filler’ on my last check up, which very much upset me and now I’m looking at it all the time thinking - yes it is - I’m sure its getting smaller too - can this happen - can the expander shrink - help guys I’m feeling a bit out on a limb here. Not due to see Plastic Surgeon until end of November but feel I need to address this sooner. -
Scar is healing lovely its just the shape and height of it I need help with.

Any comments! Thanks x

Can understand your concerns clemy.
I had expanders and then implants. They over expanded to help the implants have a teardrop effect.
Did not work as the implants are still too high but what the hell I have a brill cleavage.
There is always a silver lining.
Chrissie xx