Hi All

After having a bi-lateral mastectomy last July, I now have expanders fitted. I have been having saline injected and now have 400mls in each side. The consulant says I need another 100-200mls in each side. At this moment I feel as though I have two boulders stuck onto my chest, as they are so hard. Has anyone else had this experience? I’m due to go back and have more saline in 3 days time! Help!


Hi Maddy

I had one 2 and half years ago, you will be ok, the skin streches it may feel tight around it but it will settle
Love Mel x

Hi Mel

Thanks for your reply. It’s not only tight, but painful. They don’t give at all. I see the consultant on Monday so I guess I’ll get all the answers then.

Love Maddy x


I had my switch surgery in March and had my hard expanders swapped for silicone implants…

They are hard and annoying, and yes, it feels as though you can’t possibly fit anymore in them… However your body is a very resilient thing and can accommodate more - don’t worry.

J xx

sorry to butt in , just joined found this the very topic i need… had my right breast removed july 07 and finished my chemo november 07 …just waiting for my reconstruction op now…so happy actually getting to choose what seize i want to be move over Jordan !!! i,m kidding husband would have a heart attack ! What i really missed in all this is being able to wear all my matching underwear sets !! Not much in the line of choice out there unless your willing to pay the earth…Sorry i,m going on …well anyway its nice to say a big hello to you all …

Hi dynamite

What reconstruction are you having? Go on be a Jordan!!! saying that though she’ve had them reduced.

Love Mel x

hi melba , going to have an expander apparantly one of the new designs that don,t have to be replaced with an implant so only one surgery…which is a big plus…as for seize well my husband always says anything more than a handful is a waste …but two hands are better than one !!! so lets just say I can still have a JORDAN …as she is now …