Experiences of exemestane (aromasin) please

After 3.5 years of tamoxifen i have now been changed to exemestane for 18 months (as had ovaries out 2 years ago).

Been on them a week and so far so good.

Just like to hear others experiences. Did u get many side effects? How long is it before side effects appear? My onc informed me that most women are ok on this drug and that it has much less side effects than tamoxifen or arimidex.

Thanks in advance.

I found them fine and didn’t notice any SEs.
X Sarah

hi, been on aromasin for 18 months now after 2 1/2 on tamoixfen, i have found although i tolerate them ok, i am more tired, and i have more joint pains and have put on a bit of weight which i am trying hard to lose. but they have not interfered with my life.

hope you get on ok because not everyone has SE s .


Hi, I was put on Aromasin about a year ago and the S/E’s were awful. Mainly affected my joints in feet and hands. In a morning I could barely walk until I got going. I had to walk downstairs sideways. I had to do exercises with my hands before I could use a door handle or hold a cup of tea.
My Onc changed me to Letrazole, which made the S/E’s a bit easier. I stayed on it as it was controlling my tumours (BC with liver and bone mets). After about 8 months the S/E’s either improved or I just got used to living like this.
I did put about a stone in weight on, but this a combination of things, and I have just lost that stone by doing Weight Watchers on line.
I wish you well

thank you

can u remember how long u were on them before side effects were noticed?

I changed to Aromasin just over a year ago after 2 and half years on Arimidex, because of the side effects. I find I am much better on Aromasin. My knees are still quite stiff but I make sure I do lots of exercise to keep mobile. I lost a lot of weight too which I hadn’t been able to do before.

Good luck with it


I was on E for 3 and a half years after 2 and a half of Tamoxifen. No S/Es except weight gain particularly around the middle!

Good luck

K x


I have been on Aromasin for just over 7 months after 2 and a bit years on Tamoxifen. I have joint pains and stiffness, particularly knees and feet, also have just noticed a couple of fingers going slightly nobbly and arthritic looking, all copeable with - I just take Brufen for a few days when it gets really bad. I have also put weight on around the middle which I hate!!

Jules x